Bank Street

She’s been on a wood construction fence long enough to be peeling.

Bnkst #1

It’s by the restaurant I ate at last night.

Bnkst #2

I like it, lots. I even have a newer mural to post, but this one allures me.

Bnkst #3

Bnkst #4

The pic below reveals the entire piece beautifully when blown up.



Pics taken by Resa, May 7, 2016

Ottawa, Canada

This robot is on the same fence around the corner..

Bnkst #5

The artist:


41 thoughts on “Bank Street

  1. She is very alluring, as you say, Resa… even ‘sensual’… 😉
    And then on to her opposite… He’s cute, but, he doesn’t fool me, Resa… or does he? Is that a ‘brain’ I see? Is he half robot, half human? Mmmmm, may be! 🙂

  2. It’s the eyes that draws one into the web. Good find … FYI: I’ve taken some images of some murals here … thus posts in the future. Maybe one very soon … such as Monday!

    1. Missed you, too, Charlie! I luv your new piece! I’m working hard on a TV series, & the crazier days are yet to come. Much cool & purple to you! ❤ 🙂

        1. It’s called Michael Tuesdays and Thursdays. I’m the Costume Designer, behind the scenes. 🙂
          I did a series w/ Kim Cattrall from “Sex & the City ” that premiers on HBO Canada on Sunday. It’s called “Sensitive Skin 2” I think it will be out on Netflix soon. I believe “Sensitive Skin 1” is on Netflix now, but I was not the Designer for that season.
          My website for Designing : xo

    1. TY, Eddie! I adore Bank Street, even though I don’t know it from past years. I first discovered it 3 years ago. I saw some sweet pieces in an underpass on Bank today!
      I so want to capture that!

  3. This looks so wonderfully gothic to me, I even think the peeling is a nice and unique detail that adds to the art (even though I wish all graffiti 100% saved, documented and preserved!)

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