2 Fox & a Boar

This is the first mural I spotted in Ottawa. 

Foxs #3

I gasped as we drove by. Zena was driving, so I was able to spot it. I returned later to shoot it.

Foxs #1

I love the colors. The panorama looks fab blown up.

Foxs #10

Foxs #6

I can’t figure out this animal. The best I can come up with is a boar.

Foxs #5

Any other suggestions?

Foxs #4

Pics taken by Resa, April 28, 2016

Toronto, Canada

The Artist: Yeah, I can’t read it, but it’s in conjunction with Ottawa Urban Arts

Foxs #7

Foxs #2

I love the burnout from the sun!


33 thoughts on “2 Fox & a Boar

  1. It doesn’t look like a boar as boars don’t have feet like that. That’s not pigs feet. ha! Far as I see, it’s a fox, raccoon and hell if I know. 😉

          1. You make me laugh so hard 🙂 I imagined a pig that is already having wolf’s legs, but still keeps its piggy face. Wait! What if the author of the mural reads our comments ? 😉

  2. He looks a bit like Peter Pettigrew of Harry Potter fame. You know, Resa, Ron Weasley’s rat, Scabbers…!!! Though, I really do mean ‘Peter Pettigrew’ the human version… He came into my mind as soon as I saw the image. Though what a (hairy) rat is doing with a little pig nose is beyond me. Suffice to say; it’s very sweet, and the colours are fantastic. 😀

  3. An interesting representation of wildlife, I think they try to offer their welcome 😉
    I like this mural, it’s great to be the first … I have a predilection for the foxes.
    Kisses !!

    1. Kisses, Belén! I love foxes, a lot! I’m working hard, but will be working even harder very soon. I look forward to seeing a post on a white…..? xoxo

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