Going Batty

I’m going bats!

Artist: Nick Sweetman
Artist: Nick Sweetman

My new job had me working 8 days this week. Nick’s bats are the perfect ending for the fence & how I feel.

Artist: Nick Sweetman
Artist: Nick Sweetman

It’s like I was the model for the above bat!

Artist: Nick Sweetman
Artist: Nick Sweetman

I’ll spare you my chiller, horror bat story…..about when I was attacked by bats deep, deep, deep down in an underground parking facility.

Artist: Nick Sweetman
Artist: Nick Sweetman
Artist: Nick Sweetman
Artist: Nick Sweetman

Bat, lizard and hummingbird side of the fence.

Artist: Nick Sweetman
Artist: Nick Sweetman

Pics taken by Resa, March 23, 2016

Toronto, Canada

As I said, there’s always a butterfly in between.

Artist: Nick Sweetman
Artist: Nick Sweetman

It seems Nick had some help from “Patch” & (Oben Flats or Of Ben Lats)?


34 thoughts on “Going Batty

    1. No luck on easier, however, in a week we are shooting in Ottawa, and I can hardly wait to see what new Graf awaits!
      Oh, and Ed Asner is in my new show. I know he’s older, and I am very excited!!!

  1. He looks so damn cute, I think the cutest from all the series!
    I am glad you managed to go unscathed from that bat encounter! I was always warned to protect myself from bats,especially at seaside. My mother told me that they might fly too close to me and get tangled in my long hair, so whenever me and the other kids were playing in a nearby unfinished, abandoned mansion, at the sight of bats I would pull up my skirt over my head 😀

    1. Love your story!!! YES! My mom told me the bats in the hair story, too! That’s why I panicked when they were flying around. I dove back into the car. I was terrified! ❤ 🙂

    1. I totally love what I’m doing! I’m designing the wardrobe for a TV series. I ship out to Ottawa on Sunday for 10 weeks. Just prepped here for two. There should be new murals in Ottawa & I’m excited about that. Also, I will be there for the tulip festival!!!! Okay, it’s not Holland, but it’s got to be second best. Then I come home and rest!
      In the meantime, I might be slower on the bogging front, but I will sure post when I can. ❤

      1. Oh no, 9 days !
        I read your other replies in this comment area dear Resa. Have a great time in Ottawa. I hope you’ve got your camping gear, warm socks and clean underwear. Heehee. Big hugs back. xoxo ❤ #<

    1. I agree about the art, Charlie! Also, I’m always very pleased that you like my shots. 🙂 Pardon for being so slow to respond. It’s the new job! aarrggh!

  2. I’m going batty just looking at all these bats! Perhaps one day you’ll tell you the tale of the underground parking facility and the bats (can only imagine). From the sounds of it your new job is keeping you more than busy, hope you have some down time to chill before the rush is back on in Ottawa. Take care my friend.

    1. Dear Mary, no down time, but a little evening time tonight & tomorrow night. I’m off to Ottawa on Sunday AM, There is wifi on the train, so lets see if I sleep, blog or read script rewrites! I’m very excited for the “Tulip Festival” that will happen while I’m there.

  3. You will be awesome with the job in Ottawa and find a bunch of new murals too which is always great. I’m looking forward to your bat story one day, if it is similar to Bruce Wayne’s bat encounter I will be impressed.

    1. Yeah, new murals! The last 2 weeks have been intense. Ah, did not meet any Bruce Wayne bats, however, the anecdote could be a segue experience in our book. Let’s note it!! xo

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