China Doll & Dragon Wall

Be still my beating flower drum song!

Artists: Shallack & Smoky
Artists: Shallack & Smoky

Zena & I were headed to the tailor & I spotted this big swath of color.

CDoll #11

The wall is almost like a tile, and there are no first story windows.

CDoll #8

I used a neighboring second story porch to take a lot of the shots.

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This looks great if you blow it up.

Artists: Shallack & Smoky
Artists: Shallack & Smoky

The face is fantastic from a gluttony of angles & perspectives.

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One more

CDoll #14
Artists: Shallack & Smoky

Pics taken by Resa, April 20, 2016

Toronto, Canada


Artists: Shallack & Smoky
Artists: Shallack & Smoky

40 thoughts on “China Doll & Dragon Wall

    1. So far so good on the work/fun front, and I’m keeping my eyes open for street art here in Ottawa! Looks like I’ll be here for July 1, which is Canada;s July 4th. I’m a mere few blocks from our Parliament buildings & apparently the fireworks are exceptional.

    1. It’s wonderful that art can be found in the streets! Sending warm wishes & love back to you! TY for the retweets!!! There were no prompts to like or retweet. I might get it all one day! xx ⭐

    1. Thank you my dear Charlie! It really is a breathtaking work.
      You are quite adorable, yourself. I think you are like a questioning beat poet. I’m like a wide-eyed hippy.

  1. That is brilliant, the level of detailing and the fact that they had to factor in the tiles as well is very impressive. Life would be that bit more dull if you ween;t around to showcase such wonderful art.

    1. It is amazing! It’s fun to take shots of murals. I find them & other street art inspiring!The trailer for your book is inspiring!

      1. Yir too kind. Truly. Thank you. I am just noticing you have other pictures here to the right of the comments, of more murals. Amazing. I think it’s brilliant when you see murals looking down on the world. I can see you love photographing them. x

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