Nick Sweetman’s Nature

I think these are Lemurs. If anyone knows better, I’m all ears!

Artist: Nick Sweetman
Artist: Nick Sweetman

Nick Sweetman has painted a construction wall fence. It will be gone when building is finished.

Artist: Nick Sweetman
Artist: Nick Sweetman

I had to photograph it in 5 sections, as it is quite long and runs around a corner .

Artist: Nick Sweetman
Artist: Nick Sweetman
Artist: Nick Sweetman
Artist: Nick Sweetman
Artist: Nick Sweetman
Artist: Nick Sweetman

Pics taken by Resa, March 23, 2016

Toronto, Canada

It seems Nick had some help from “Patch” & (Oben Flats or Of Ben Lats)?


Artist: Nick Sweetman

13 thoughts on “Nick Sweetman’s Nature

    1. I agree! What a waste when this is gone!
      The mouse is the next section, & it is sooo adorable. Then there’s an insects section, a hummingbirds part, a few reptiles and a fab bats section. I wish I had taken more pics of the lizards!

  1. Such a vivid depiction and colourful, love it! I bet they keep that fence and use it again, it is too nice not to and would brighten up any area when they are building and give people a smile as well. That’s tax dollars at work for you.

    1. I sure like your idea!
      Even if the city sold it privately, what a great tool shed or tree house it would make.
      No wonder I feel the urgent need to document these pieces!

    1. If the city hasn’t considered it, they should. I’ll try to post something about this on the city’s website… which does include a Street Art program section.

  2. I agree with Gigi, this should be saved and kept on a display somewhere, I really do hope they do not repaint it! We need this beauty in the concrete jungles we inhabit!

  3. That corner angle is a great shot, Resa! I love the idea of retiring the fence into a shed or something! Once the project is complete, I hope the city will auction it off. That could even help offset some of the original cost 🙂 ♥ ❤

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