To a Mouse

I fell in love with this Sweet(man) mouse the second I saw it!

Artist: Nick Sweetman
Artist: Nick Sweetman

This is the second section of Nick Sweetman’s fence art that will be gone when the building is finished.

Artist: Nick Sweetman
Artist: Nick Sweetman

“The best laid schemes o’ Mice an’ Men, Gang aft agley,” came to mind thinking about the fence being torn down. Check out the enlarged shot… luv!

Artist: Nick Sweetman
Artist: Nick Sweetman

Here’s Robert Burns poem – To a Mouse

Artist: Nick Sweetman
Artist: Nick Sweetman

All sections seem to have butterflies in between.

Artist: Nick Sweetman
Artist: Nick Sweetman

Pics taken by Resa, March 23, 2016

Toronto, Canada

It seems Nick had some help from “Patch” & (Oben Flats or Of Ben Lats)?


SMouse #4
Artist: Nick Sweetman

23 thoughts on “To a Mouse

    1. It’s just crazy! I think, despite being downtown, people just walk by and don’t notice. When I take pics, people notice the crazy lady, glance at what I’m taking shots of, then go on their way. Very few stop to admire.
      It is one thing to be indifferent to art, but hating it is another. I have had a few in the street experiences with art haters.
      Parks are a great place to put the art. Many of our urban parks are surrounded by it.

  1. I love his eyes, Resa! (The mouse, I mean.)
    Such a shame, and yet what a great way to camouflage (sort of) a building site. The shame is it will probably have to go, as you’ve said. Yet, it is, at least, there for those who enjoy this type of art… some do, some don’t. Like everything, it’s all ‘choice’… 🙂

      1. I did and do! Art certainly has a ‘loud’ voice, particularly in this scenario. Reminds me of the ‘Make Love not War’ slogan of the 60’s; it filters into the consciousness of those whose choice it parallels. Though, hopefully, it is helping the ‘motive’, but without harming the artists! And yet, I’m sure, they know all too well the possible consequences. (It takes a few good men, as the saying goes.)
        And, it seems, there are brilliant artists worldwide. 🙂

    1. Everyone here does want it saved, too. However, the thing about street art is …it’s ephemeral.
      That is the very reason I am so bound and determined to record as much of it as possible. Much love_Resa xo

  2. I’m amazed anybody gets anything done with all this cool art to look at, perhaps Toronto should just be an artist’s city where every surface is covered in colourful creations.

    1. I’d vote YES to that. Although, not everyone loves the street art. To each his own. At least we have enough who love it, to keep it happening!

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