New Birdo

Found a new Birdo in the Ossington area.

Newbird #1

He’s on a wheel & has a passenger.

Newbird #2b

Newbird #3

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Newbird #4

Thank you Birdo!

Pics taken by Resa, June 1 , 2015 – 2015

Toronto, Canada

Newbird #9

18 thoughts on “New Birdo

  1. Resa, you have so many beautiful murals over there, do art schools or companies help out with the costs of painting them, or do most artists have to cover the expenses themselves?

    1. Maria, It is everything you suggest that helps artists.
      Private homeowners offer walls, artists offer time, the START programs offers financial aid for paint…. in Winnipeg, there is a major outdoor mural competition, resulting in a “Mural of the Year”

      1. Thanks for explaining this. Canada must be so beautiful, and you don’t have the crime rates we have here nor in some American cities. Thanks for explaining.

    1. Yes, but it’s a good weird… unique if you will. 😀 No one is telling this artist what to paint. I admire him for that! ❤ #< #~~# #< ❤ xox

    1. I was lucky! I found this near Honeyland (basecamp where the hair, make-up & wardrobe trucks are parked along with the star’s dressing room trailers) , so was able to grab it after wrap on my way home.

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