My Niece Marija Živanović

Thank you, Maxima, for sharing the beautiful work of this artist with us all!


Marija Živanović
Niš ,Serbia

slika marija zivanovic  br 1

Written: Maxima

It is my honor and pleasure to introduce to you my guest today – an honored and respected Artist, Marija Živanović.

Marija Zivanovic was born 1985 in Nis, Serbia. Completed High School Of Art in Nis, Serbia from 2000-2004. Attended Faculty Of Art at University of Nis from 2004- 2009. and graduated with honors.

Through my art I celebrate life and what I consider good fragments of it. Art is my life, but what I create doesn’t exsist only for itself and I don’t create only for myself. Artist is a storyteller, and my belief is that what we make should save all the good things from forgetfulness, that every piece is a monument, a phrase, thus should be build carefully and thoushfully, cause art should inspire as well as teach.
Marija usually works in serials, in different techniques, exploring different subjects. Here are…

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9 thoughts on “My Niece Marija Živanović

  1. Thank you dear Resa, from the bottom of my heart for supporting my art by sharing it on your blog with all of you friends and fans. You are amazing designer and it’s an honour being a part of your world.
    With love,

    Marija Zivanovic

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