Beaver Busy

It may look like this beaver is not busy, but he/she is very busy.

BeaverO #1

After all, there is a whole damn dam to build. This is my way of saying… omg… I am so working hard & I am so very busy.

BeaverO #2

 I’m also”Eagle Eager”! The Hummingbird is an extra!

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Pics taken by: Resa  – October 27, 2014

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

The Murals of Winnipeg

BeaverO #8

18 thoughts on “Beaver Busy

  1. Nawfal

    Hi, Resa ! THANKS for the visit to my blog! As always I love to see your photos — Take Care and wishing you a. GREAT week!

  2. These are lovely Resa. I found an elk mural too! I haven’t been able to take out my camera for a walk for a very long time, as soon as it warms up more I will have to take shots of some nice stuff which I discovered around here!

      1. I know I told you a while ago, that when ever will have some time and the weather warms up will take shots with the whale wall and some other cool looking mural which was done last year on the back wall of a theater. I haven’t forgot about it, meanwhile I have discovered the elk one and some others as well. Sorry Resa, there is so much going on right now for me is hard to find time, but I promise I try my best my dear friend! Till then we need and will enjoy your beautiful discoveries! 🙂
        Have a super wonderful week! xoxo

  3. Lovely photos Resa. I read in your reply to another comment here that you are so tired. Take care my busy beaver ! 😀 Big beaver hug. Ralph ❤ xoxox ~~#~~ #< #< #<

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