A Valentine

Roses are red


“Kit’n’ Boots”  blue

© Resa McConaghy
© Resa McConaghy

Wanders the alleys

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Finding flowers for you.




Pics taken by Resa, 2013 & 2014

“Kit’n’ Boots” created & sketched by Resa – February, 2015

Toronto, Canada

39 thoughts on “A Valentine

  1. Resa, your sketch is awesome! Love the swinging of her hair! OMG I just saw that you put Pathways in top right corner of your blog — WOW! I’m so honoured honey! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for such a beautiful gesture ❤

    1. Aww, thank you Christy! I forget I can sketch, in a fashion way. It’s quite satisfying. ❤
      I had a lot of fun doing my review for "Pathways". I'll keep it on the top of my sidebar for awhile, then slowly move it down.
      I'm starting "Resa's Book Shelf" in my Footer area. This will be for all of the books I've reviewed on my blog. That totals 4. One poetry, and 3 Street Art books. "lol" That can change! OMG! It's Friday!
      Have a super weekend, Christy! ⭐

    1. Julia, you are the sweetest! Yes, you are probably right about the self confident woman being a bit like me. I think she’s also a bit like you, and some other gals I know! XOXO Reas 🙂
      (Have the best weekend!)

  2. Is this just for me ? If so, thank you so much dear friend. I will take this post back to Spain with me 😀
    Have a lovely Valentine’s Day Resa. I’ll be thinking of you. Big hug. Ralph xoxox ❤ #< #<

      1. Thanks Resa. I just KNEW it was for me. Oh, I have never left Spain. I was loitering in your virtual world in Canada for a few minutes and I have your post with me in my heart here back in Spain.
        It’s Valentine’s Day now. So a big hug for you my friend. xox #< ❤

  3. zingara1961

    Magnifique mais ma préférence va pour le dessin que tu as si bien dessiné 🙂
    Bonne fin de journée ma douce Resa
    Gros bisous :-*

  4. Happy Valentines to you as well Resa! I’m so happy to see you posting a fashion illustration! Love it, love it! Love the hair, love the boots, love the attitude and we need more of it, always!!! Have a great, super nice weekend!

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