Gas Station Arts

This theater was originally behind a gas station for many years.

Artist: Sarah Collard
Artist: Sarah Collard
Artist: Sarah Collard
Artist: Sarah Collard

On Osborne, it’s a busy mural so it’s a busy slideshow.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Featured are stand up comedy, drama, music, dance and more. The faces shown in this mural are actual performers at the theater.

Artist: Sarah Collard
Artist: Sarah Collard


Artist: Sarah Collard
Artist: Sarah Collard

Pics taken by: Resa  – April 21, 2014

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

The Murals of Winnipeg

Artist: Sarah Collard
Artist: Sarah Collard

15 thoughts on “Gas Station Arts

  1. I saw its ‘birth’ if i can say…I was living on Gerard street and River, 1 street off Osborne, I looked a few months age on google map street view, so many changes since I was there in 1982 to 1986….:)

    1. It has been there for a long time! You are fortunate to have seen its birth. It is my fave area of Winnipeg. Do you think you will ever return to your adopted city? xo

      1. I might go back for a visit, but its been so long, probably everybody I know then are gone now, I was lucky when I moved there, at work, somebody was helping me to establish myself there, and when I was looking for an apartment there was one right in the Osborne Village area, she told me that I would probably like it there…she was so right..:). So maybe one day I will visit again, but I don’t think I would move there again…but we never know…

        1. I believe you would enjoy a visit…. in the spring or summer. It would be a lovely nostalgic event… and JMR… there are many girls in boots there!
          The Canadian prairies are very unique!

          1. Yes it is a nice place, I thought a few times going back, that could be something interesting so many years later, and look around for things I know then and all the new things that weren’t there, and also of course looking to the women’s footwear fashion in Winnipeg, also I would like to travel a bit further west, Vancouver is far, but I’ve never been there, but it is quite a long trip…are you there these days? or in Toronto?

            1. I’m in Toronto! Love it here!
              However I just got back from Winnipeg. I was there for a few weeks. I’ve already been there several times this year. It was fab!!!

              1. Yes I noticed you spent lot of time in Winnipeg this year, I just wrote you on your gmail, still thinking about ‘our project’ eventually I will get to it…If I could start moving my….:)

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