Voracious Tags Devour Mini-Mural

In the West end … on Dundas or College was this small mural done by students.

CN #1

Then the taggers came.

CN #2

Yet, I tried to get the best captures I could.

CN #3

CN #4

CN #5

Unfortunately, I re-returned to find  the tagging had swallowed the piece. Lousy knaves!

CN #6

Pics taken by Resa, 2013 & 2014

Toronto, Canada

16 thoughts on “Voracious Tags Devour Mini-Mural

    1. I know.. Taggers have ruined many more fab pieces than this.
      Out and about today, my heart was broken by their devastation.
      It seems now that we have nice weather, they (the taggers) are more destructive than ever.
      Q- Thank you for weighing in! Resa xo

        1. Was over to your site, I couldn’t find sixpixx,. I cold have missed something.
          I found stuff Googling sipixx, but I don’t know if it’s the right one?
          Would you be kind enough to send a link? 🙂 I’d love to see he art!

      1. an well when i lewked at this post also of urs the first time tonight ,,,i being an outsider many miles away totally unrelated well, related and first response was in my heart and sadness, an i though also how u musta felt, i am an emotional kinna guy , an well, things like that jest bother the heck outa me. so agreed… i totally relate to how u musta felt when u first saw that, there ought to be a law against taggin….then well, set up cameras and catch the de facers . id say… Q

        1. Tagging is against the law.
          Maybe that’s what makes it fun?
          Well, the main thing for me is I’m photographing as much ephemeral art as I can, before it’s gone.
          It’s not just taggers, it’s urban renewal,… building is demolished.
          Or someone paints another amazing piece on top of the last one… a bittersweet deal.
          I started a page on this blog – R.I.P. – to document street art that is now gone! 😎
          You are very sweet to care!

    1. I agree with the idea of impermanence. I suppose that’s why the ephemeral outdoor art is so appealing.
      I started a page – R.I.P. where I list/show art that’s gone. 🙂 “lol” Guess I’m trying to get it to last a bit longer!

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