It’s Like, A Jungle Sometimes…

In an  alley off Queen W.W. on the south side

Nota #1

She’s adorable…

Nota #2

… with a note.

Nota #3

I was heartbroken at the message.

Nota #5

Nota #6

Pics taken by Resa, on July 2, 2014

Toronto, Canada

4 thoughts on “It’s Like, A Jungle Sometimes…

  1. Hi Resa it is sad that this is necessary. My youngest is an art student in Philly – and one day she was walking home when she passed a homeless guy urinating against a wall.

    She was just passing when he said to her, ” I know I’m not supposed to be doing this, but did anyone ever tell you how beautiful you are ?”


    last night we had champagne from a little vinyard down the road 😉

    1. Sigh!
      Homeless is one thing, but I have caught many men with no homeless excuse doing this …. in broad daylight.
      Glad to hear you are enjoying yourselves, and enjoying the fruits of the fruits! 🙂

      Is the food totally amazing? Will you be gaining weight? Are you going to go on bike rides? 🙂

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