Blabber Mouth Machine Heads

It’s one of the oddest pieces I’ve seen. It must be saying something!

Blabber #1

Found it in a lane near Ossington and Bloor.

Blabber #2

Blabber #3

Blabber #4

Blabber #5

Blabber #6

Maybe painted by SPUD1, or tagged by SPUD1

Blabber #7

Blabber #8

Pics taken by Resa, on May 7, 2014

Toronto, Canada

16 thoughts on “Blabber Mouth Machine Heads

  1. Even with my love of scy-fy – that’s creepy in a good way like “don’t stand under the wierd uldunating pods” or get too close to that wicked tongue.

    I do like how it ties into the power feed, that’s cool.

    always interesting and surprising!

  2. Yes, good words for street art …. interesting and surprising.
    I was somewhat grossed-out, however, I am an equal opportunity street art blogger.
    The power feed tie-in is the best part! What is that thing? I thought it was a surveillance camera thing.

  3. Maybe the artist’s message is, to watch what you say or else! I did get a kick out of this Resa, because there is just so much violence via the tongue that IF some people got an electrical spark every time they did speak evil, it would make them think twice about further trash mouth. Very strong message. Thank you for posting this!!!! Love, Amy

  4. What strange but enticing artwork that is! I wonder if it’s a message to be careful what we say… I do like the bold colours though! Wow, you must have done a double-take when you came across that one 🙂

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