Anatomical Subway

These anatomical people are on a subway train in Underpass Park.

Muscle #1
Artist: SPUD1
Muscle #2
Artist: SPUD1
Artist: SPUD1
Muscle #5
Artist: SPUD1
Muscle #6
Artist: SPUD1

SPUD1, signed by the woman’s head.

Muscles #10
Artist: SPUD1

Spud1 also did: Blabber Mouth Machine Heads

Muscle #3
Artist: SPUD1

Pics taken by Resa, November 16, 2015

Toronto, Canada

Underpass Park


The Artist: SPUD1

Muscle #7

28 thoughts on “Anatomical Subway

    1. Well, you have to get up very early to beat Clanmother, she’s very sharp! 🙂 Is there no street art in Copenhagen?
      Well,you have a wonderful weekend, too, Hanna! 🙂

      1. Resa! I know she is sharp she took my line before I knew it 😀 ❤
        Street art is something you have to search for in Copenhagen. Mostly it is hieroglyphs or tags if you want 🙂

        1. Oh… you mean like scribbles and commentary? Tagging,we say! Well, I have seen much tagging that is politically relevant, and I can appreciate that.
          Although much is just stupid.
          Street Art in Toronto has grown from all that, to this wonderful public art. Of course the taggers still ruin quite a bit of art with their tags and throw ups.
          This is partly why I am so dedicated to recording the art before it is ruined. 🙂

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