Back in the Spring

This mural was unfinished when I found it in a lane east off Ossington.

Unfinished #10

I’ll head over there in a couple of weeks to see if any progress has been made.

Unfinished #8

 Maybe the guy isn’t even part of the mural. He’s just there to say the artist will be back. Then he gets painted over?

Unfinished #2

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As it says, “Mural in Progress”!

Unfinished #1b

Pics taken by Resa, on  March 14, 2014

Toronto, Canada

9 thoughts on “Back in the Spring

  1. I seem to remember modeling for this one. I was sitting around the Do Drop Inn on a 3 day binge with the Mayor and some guy with a can of spray paint showed up…man, it was cold out there!

    1. “hahaha” Well, that would account for the purple skin tones “hahaha”
      As for our Mayor…. we are having a mayoral election in the fall and he’s still in the race! He could win!

  2. Even the wording ‘Be back in the Spring’ is soooo artistic. I can imagine the artist thinking about this (finishing his mural) during the long winter months. I wonder if he’ll return..!?

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