Boogapony – Hip Trip on Route 66

It’s official! Boogapony Holly is on tour! After ponying on down to a slew of Chicago’s street art, she took off in a Paco Rabanne chain link mini dress w/ Go-Go boots.

She bought this art car, to make the trip to Monterey, California. Although 54 years late to the summer of love party, its spirit beckoned.

Celeste bagged the job of driving Boogapoy’s old van. Along with on loading, off loading and setting up, she’s a pretty good back up dancer; a true Poniette.

Don’t miss the magic, as they hit some of the nation’s sweetest street art and attractions along Route 66.

Miles of Route 66 are un-drivable. Interstate detours are necessary. In Missouri, over 300 miles run SW from St. Louis to Joplin. Fab diners & vintage roadside attractions are all waiting for the Boogapony experience & photo op.

St. Louis to Tulsa is the heart of Route 66. It’s where east meets west. Much of this stretch is on I-44. Be There! Boogapony & Celeste will Freestyle in the exact centre, wherever it is.

The Kansas section of Route 66 is short but sweet, 13.2 miles to be exact. There will be 1 Go-Go at mile 6.6.

A classic pony-down will happen at the Blue Whale of Catoosa, a featured point of interest along almost 400 well tended drivable miles of Route 66 running through Oklahoma.

The Lone Star State has about 180 miles of old Route 66 road remaining.  Boogapony and Celeste getting on down to the very best roadside attractions, in the panhandle of Texas, is a Must See!

Albuquerque is a highlight stop. Here she’ll be visiting Tim’s Magic Tree Sanctuary , and doing some serious tree hugging. Watch out for the performance a Go-Go in the old downtown strip right on Route 66!

Celeste will be featured doing the “Frug” in Oatman. This ghost town, located at the edge of Arizona on Route 66, is perched 2,700 feet above sea level.

The Santa Monica Pier marks the end of Route 66, but not the end of the Flower Power Tour. You can check out Boogapony at the Whiskey a Go Go on Sunset Boulevard! Here she fuses the Pony, the Hitch-Hiker, the Shimmy and more.

Monterey is the next dance stop. Here she’ll reprise Resa’s World & COOP famous Egg Dance, in memory of the Flower Children. Where did they all go?

You’ll want to hear Boogapony slam poetry, dancing all the while! Find her at the corner of Haight Ashbury, San Francisco!

It’s the end of the Flower Power Tour, but wait! Boogapony is headed back to New York City to perform in a newly revived version of the musical HAIR”!!! The summer of love, much like the force, is with us.

Boogapony Holly character © Resa McConaghy & Holly Rene Hunter

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