16 thoughts on “Sketchy?

    1. Oh, my dear LDN, I thank you very much. You, more than anyone… except Sherrie 🙂 … knows how dedicated I have been since I found street art & murals. I have now posted 800 works of art, and with a new painting season on the horizon, we are sure to see a lot more. ❤

  1. nannus

    The child appears to have a nimbus. Maybe the artist is playing with the ikonography of Christian art here, using the form of a winged altar triptych and alluding to the holy family? In any case, the artistic quality of this piece is outstanding. It should be rescued and brought to a museum.

    1. I agree, this is a very special piece, and it’s in the street facing weather, taggers & eventual ruin. Such is the fame & fate of all street art. Breaks my heart. Yet, had this artist not worked his or her magic on a power box, I would be all the less enriched.

  2. nannus

    Even the colors: the woman has blue and red, traditional colors in mediaval pictures of Mary. Might be a coincidence, but maybe the artist was really playing with this type of iconography.

    1. I tend to agree with your evaluation of this piece of art.
      I must say, I truly value your educated & very informed opinion of this work. I can’t thank you enough for your wonderful comment!

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