93 thoughts on “Sisters

    1. I know what you are saying. I must admit there are more faceless arts that I don’t take pics of. Sometimes I like the “no pupils in eyes” …like a sculpture effect.
      However, no face is different.
      These do have mouths, but no eyes or noses.
      Still, I like the sisters message.
      The AGMs are my sisters. Wait ’til you see the next episode!

      I love complete faces. They are my fave street art, and then animals.

      SHIP! I just sent a email… and forgot to include an AGM Mermaid. LOL… next mail! xxoo

    1. They also have no noses. Still, it’s a great message and well done art. It does not bother me, although I prefer when the eyes are outlined without a pupil in the centre…. like many sculptures.

    1. One does not wish to interject here, but from one’s understanding Toronto is not beholden to a tropical atmosphere. One believes it is more akin to, say, a more stable environment one would expect of a city (i.e. precipitation and occasional bursts of sunshine).

    2. Agree! Yes, the tropical atmosphere ties it together. Of course we have the AGMs, PBH, RR, RB & I feel that we are all sisters.
      The sister thing works for me! xoxoxo

    1. Yes, I think there is a message in the no eyes & noses.
      I think it’s more about the idea of sisterhood being one unit, than individuals. Does that make sense?

  1. These look like a throwback to the 60’s art. I love the colors and the iridescent outlines. It looks like the artist did a superb job even though it’s a wall. I think this would be an outstanding painting. Great find, Resa. Have a great week … Isadora 😍😎

    1. It is a great find Isadora. I hadn’t thought about it being in a 60’s way, but I can see it now that you mention it. Glad you got to see it! 😍😎 – Resa

      1. One day we will going mural treasure hunting together, Resa. We just had the Vancouver Mural Festival so I’m looking forward to searching the streets for murals on this side of Canada.

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    1. OH! Sir Chocolate books are next on my reading list! Don’t get too, excited, I am a turtle reader! Nonetheless, they will be read and reviewed on GLAM! xo

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