105 thoughts on “Impression of Little Italy

    1. I totally agree, Tim! I passed by it while on a street car. I got where I was going & did my biz. I couldn’t get it out of my head. So, I walked back to it, going in and out of alleys looking for any art that might be around. It was a lovely 3 hour walk. xx

    1. trompe l’oeil – I’d forgotten that expression.
      This is actually an OLD building… It was a bank at one time. The apartments on the second floor are all occupied. There is a new business occupying part of the front of the building. The rest of the main floor business space is empty. Yet another victim(s) of Covid.

  1. This is a fantastic find Resa, I love the colors and I’m some subjects it seems more a sketched figure. Very unique for street art. I adore the child’s face. Thanks for sharing this amazing art dear Meece. 🐭🐭xoxoxo

    1. I agree about the sketching. The colours are fab, but it was the sketch -iness about this painting that grabbed me. (like a massive hug)
      Meece appreciated art at its finest!

    1. Vomit? If you mean the black scribbling tag on the lower left, that is actually on the glass that is part of the bus stop shelter.
      It is a wonderful piece!

  2. Hi Resa, at first I thought the two faces were separate images because the darn streetlight pole got in the way but I looked closer and realized the child is riding “piggy back” with his arms around his Mother’s shoulders. I can only imagine what the kid is dreaming about (he seems to be distant, looking forward to something) in this colourful “world” he and his mom are in. Fabulous photography and art as always.

    1. Tyeth,

      This is definitely a unique style for a mural. I like it lots!
      Thank you for the photo compliment!
      I watched Boba Fett – A+ I watched Loki – C Now I’m going to go watch Moon Knight! It’s hard to watch all of these w/o thinking of you.

      1. Hello Resa, I’ve never seen a dull photograph taken by you, even the monochrome murals you take photos of seem colourful to me.
        And I’m happy to hear Boba Fett was so good, I’d heard mixed things but hoped it was good because I recommended you give it a try! And I will get to see these shows at some point in the future thanks.

        1. I just watched Moon Knight. My head is spinning. I hope I wound up voting for the right shows. I’m out of my league here. OH The Witcher is Fabulous and the costumes are to drool over!

          1. Hi again, yes I have seen a few promo photos for The Witcher and the leather work is amazing but I think you’ll love the costumes in Moon Knight just as much. The designer tried extremely hard to match each outfit that Oscar Isaac wore to the corresponding “Alter Ego Character” he was portraying. And the Moon Knight tunic set is a work of art with ancient glyphs and emblems embroidered all over.

    1. I’m quite proud that the city has embraced street art.
      It really cheers the cement, bricks & steel up! ❤
      Downtown traffic is off the rails. I go on uber long walks to find the art.

      1. Hi Resa – I was so taken with this post that I had to find out more about the artist. Alice Pasquini

        This is the Bio from her website.

        Alice Pasquini (Rome 1980) aka Alicè is a contemporary artist whose works are exhibited on urban surfaces, in galleries and museums in hundreds of cities around the world.

        Street artist, illustrator and Italian set designer, she graduated in painting from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, completing her studies in Spain with a Master of Arts in art criticism from the Complutense University (2004) and a animation course at the Ars Animation School in Madrid.

        A multifaceted artist, she has experimented with different techniques, genres and expressive mediums. She is one of the few internationally established female exponents among the protagonists of the street art movement.

        On the street, her works range from small interventions on street furniture to large murals.



        1. Amazing! I’ll visit her sites, soon!

          Emmy voting closes midnight tomorrow, and I’m neck deep in TV shows.
          Then, I should be able to get back to my normal irregular blogging!
          LOL!!! {{Hugs}}

    1. Agree! It’s a great piece!
      So, I’ve tried to comment on 2 of your posts today. I keep getting “error” fill in required fields. – ? There’s nothing to fill in? Am I in Spam?

      1. Very strange, Resa, that you can’t leave a comment! I had a comment left on a post of mine at shortly before midnight. So, it seemed to work for her. When I use incognito mode at my site I see the “Leave a Reply” box and beneath is “Email (required), Name (required), and Website. Do you see these boxes? Are you able to comment on other blogs? Thanks, I’ll use the info you provide me to troubleshoot. Hope you’re able to successfully comment on my blog soon xx

        1. Christy,
          Yes, I can comment on other blogs.
          No “Email (required), Name (required), and Website. appear. It says “error”.
          Let me see if I can comment right now!

        2. No, can’t comment. I tried the Moving to Houston post. Left a Like. When I posted my comment it says – In the actual comment box: Error: Please fill the required fields.
          Yet there are no fields.
          I’ve never seen this before.

          1. Thanks for the info! Sorry it’s still an issue 😦 I reached out to WP support and will see if they can help me. Must be an issue with a commenting plugin or something like that. Stay tuned!

              1. Hi Resa, there are two updates:
                1) My recent Aretha Franklin post – Scroll down to comments and you can see that WordPress Support successfully left a comment there. It worked for them and others who commented on the post.
                2) My latest Comments Issue post – A handful of comments there. I didn’t expect any! Reading through the comments, more than one person says it’s an issue across blogs that periodically they’re unable to comment. I do hope it resolves for you soon so you can comment again. I’m sorry that it works for some people and not others, it doesn’t make sense to me… Please know I value you!

                1. Okay, I checked out both, and still get the error thing, and no fields to fill in.
                  The error thing actually appears in the comments box. That is a new one to me.
                  I saw WP’s comment, and tried to reply to their comment, but just got the error thing.
                  I hope it goes away! xo
                  I know dear Christy! xo

  3. nice one. great use of colour there!


    1. Ahh, in my 20’s they were my fave colours.
      I don’t know my faves anymore. I was in a black phase… still am when it comes to clothes. However, since making Art Gowns and drawing, all colours have crept into my fave category.
      Colour really effects our lives!

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