Kool Kats

Hello! I’m your vocalist for the evening, and I am in the Koolest band, ever!

As you can see, the Kool Kats has an upright bass, singer, keyboardist, trumpeter, drummer and accordionist.  

Let’s have a hand for the band!

That’s our manager. Wish he’d quit smoking, but he thinks it’s kool, and he’s a kool kat, too!

Pics taken by Resa – October 8, 2020

Toronto, Canada

The artists:

60 thoughts on “Kool Kats

  1. Wow! The Kool Kats are spectacular! I’m in love with the drummer. It happens right? Love all those amazing characters and dark but stand out colors. Great artist. Fabulous find dear Resa.

    1. Marina,
      I agree. Who would ever think that someone would dream this image up?
      Ah… the beauty of creativity!

        1. Guilty as charged!
          New Art Gown is also started.
          AND…unfortunately, I’ve opened a Pandora’s Box of HOUSEWORK…. UCH.
          I’m giving it a couple hours a day, on top of regular cooking, bed, dishes, etc.
          Not in the evenings, though! That time is for art!
          So much to draw.

          1. Ahhhhh…… that’s GREAT!!!!
            I know exactly what you mean. If we only had multiple hands to do more things!!!!!!! And Hera doesn’t help at all and to think of all the times I showed her how to vacuum, mop, dust the house. Honestly…. 🙄 Queens huh?!!!!

  2. What a cool band with blue skin and sharp suits! Just fab. As a drummer, gotta say the drummer dude rocks here! But also loving the trumpet dude and sexy vocalist! Ah heck, they’re all too cool.
    Thanks for the fun and rocking good share, Resa :)X

    1. I know! These guys are awesome.
      I thought I didn’t like it, at first. Interesting how thoughts and opinions change when one takes a second, and better look!

  3. Oh, Resa, what an amazing mural that capture the brilliance and style of jazz. This is the third time around for me. This mutual brings back memories of the brilliant Billie Holiday, Dizzy Gillespie and the great jazz bands: The Count Basie Orchestra and Duke Ellington’s Jazz Orchestra, to name a couple. I can hear the music through your photos.

    1. I hear the music, too!
      It really is an intriguing mural. It’s so fascinating what comes out of the creative mind.
      I love it!
      What will I find next?

    1. My pleasure, Janet!
      I like Jazz, too!
      I know what you mean about a full time station, whether it’s jazz, rock, classic or country.
      It’s nice to be able to turn it on when you’re in the mood, as opposed to tuning into the “Jazz Hour”. One might not be in the mood at that time.

      1. There was at least one full time jazz station in the Chicago area and I suppose I could stream it if I wanted to have my phone hooked up while I’m driving. I just never think about that, though. I’d much rather be able to turn on the radio and have it there. 😦

  4. Yay!! Oh dear Resa artista, this was just what I needed!! Thank you for providing us with beautiful and inspiring art-medicine for the soul. Brilliant colors and just super fun art work! Lets all be cool cats:) Love it. So much love and big warm hugs ❤️❤️❤️ xoxoxo

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