Girl with Guitar

This was a challenge to shoot.

It had been raining off and on, this day. From how dry the cement was under the white car, I figured the person must work at Long and McQuade.

I hung around anyway. Eventually, the red car moved.

Did my best without a direct on shot.


Here’s my fave girl with a guitar. I always thought this song was titled Mermaid Cafe. I also just realized, Joni plays a dulcimer in this song. Oh well!

Pics taken by Resa – October 8, 2020

Toronto, Canada

The piece is unsigned, but the guitar is a Les Paul

98 thoughts on “Girl with Guitar

        1. Agree! Adore her. There’s a neat documentary “Laurel Canyon” about all these musicians that lived there in the late 60’s/early 70’s. She was there. Lots of the guys musicians were in love with her!

                    1. Where have they gone! What a lovely time. When I was around 14 there was a park in Coconut Grove where the Miami Hippies hung out back in the 60’s. So we sort of turned the clock back and would wear our homemade hippie clothes and flowers In our hair go there on Sundays and dance and pass out flowers. So much fun!!

                    2. Agree!
                      Fortunately, the military works for the American people, not him. He’s merely the CIC. Hoping Biden cleans his clock! A decisive victory will pave a smoother path.

                    3. Which is what will happen. He’ll go from the White House to the Big House.
                      In the meantime Uncle Joe could set up a temporary WH at Boldt Castle, Heart Island, Alexandria Bay, NY, USA.
                      It’s fab, & it’s on an island.

  1. Timothy Price

    I really like that mural. Whoever painted it did a wonderful job. She’s playing a cherry sunburst Les Paul Custom on the neck pickup (the pickup selector switch is set to “Rhythm” which is the neck pickup). Details like the bra strap on her shoulder and wrinkles in her pants give the image have a “natural look” against the few cubist angles . I can image her playing along with Joni.

    1. Ahh, neat guitar info. Thank you!
      I had a feeling you’d like this piece.
      Yeah, the entire wall is cubist, and she really does stand out. I’m quite happy I found this.
      I thought of Joni, immediately!

  2. It’s a beauty of a mural and I’m so glad you managed despite those cars being in the way! Of course, Joni was the perfect musical choice to go with!

  3. I like that you give us so many different angles of shots, Resa. At first glance, I knew this subject would steal your heart. It’s beautifully done. The added detail of the Les Paul logo is awesome! Thanks for the wonderful tune. Hugs on the wing!

  4. Wonderful mural, just looking at it give music in the air – excellent captured. 🙂
    Joni M. an example of really good international cooperation – with a father with norwegian parents added to a mother with scottish and irish parents – where does it work best, in Canada of course. 😉

    1. Very cool info, LDN!
      I know Joni is Canadian, but I didn’t know about her parents.
      We try, in Canada, but we must keep trying harder. Right now, we are trying to make up with our aboriginal citizens. They were not treated well, and let’s face it, our forefathers basically stole their land. Lots of work to do here! xo

      1. Totally agree with you – it is not only in Canada that there are lots of places in the world that kind of thing has happened. The conscience should come to the surface – there is room for lots of improvement, rather today than tomorrow. It’s time to drop the fine words and declarations of intent – and just change the world by doing something for the better.

        1. Yes, dear LDN! The time for change is now!
          There was a horrible fire today in Nova Scotia. A lobster facility owned by our First Nations was burned to the ground. They think it’s arson. There have been tensions between the Canadian fishers and First Nations building lately.

    1. Yeah.. but when I wanted a music mural, I couldn’t find one. Lol!
      I think that fretboard is a painting of the real deal.
      That first shot’s angle was dictated by a parked car.
      Like I said, I try! xo
      Hope you are maintaining, well!
      It’s going to be a long haul this winter.

  5. What I love best about this mural, Resa, is the artist’s ability to bring us into a storyline that speaks of places that we have been before, of people who we have come to enjoy and love, of timeless memories, and the promise that music will continue. Your patience and efforts to capture this mural is very much appreciated.

    1. Thank you, Rebecca!
      When it comes to capturing street art, I’m pretty patient.
      There’s so many places that I can’t get to right now. I won’t take public transport, but Norm is driving me once in awhile. He drops me off somewhere, of my choosing. Then I walk home. That’s usually about a 4 hour walk.
      Still, it’s fab what I have found on these limited walks, and in my own area of Toronto. {{{Hugs}}}

  6. Oh, Resa, what a great find! She did remind me of Joni [thank you for that beautiful song!] and that’s a gorgeous Les Paul! [Tim gave it the perfect description!]
    Fab shots! It’s one of those times when you wish some obstacle would disappear, isn’t it? Like, that car!!!! – but you did very well! Hera also approves!

    1. Haha! I’m reading your post on Albert August Plasschaert , and this comment popped up in the annotator!
      Tim knows a lot about guitars.
      Whew! Good thing Hera approves.
      Hugs all around!!!!!xoxooxoxoxo

  7. What a wonderful mural and kudos to you for your patience! I tend to resent people/vehicles in the line of my photo shot, but then if I were the person or parking my vehicle, I daresay I wouldn’t think much about whether someone might be wanting to take a photo for her/his blog. 🙂 How thoughtless of me!


    1. LOL!
      Well, how many people have a street art blog!
      I’ve really learned to work around cars. I also like reflections, but white cars are not the best for that! 😀

  8. As always you have posted an amazing collection of shots of this artwork…but the first thing I noticed was the Gibson Les Paul signature too! I guess you can’t take the musician out of the Jedi.
    And I got to play one of these guitars once but I didn’t hold the instrument for long as it cost over $1200 and I didn’t want to have an accident with it and have to replace it 😁
    Thanks again for another fab musical feast, and on a side note I have a musical saber post you may like coming up this weekend 😉

  9. Another great find. And oyu know your stuff about music, right? 😉 Top of my head I can think of a Gibson, maybe another brand that escapes me, but that’s it… 🎸 (Fender too)

      1. Clapton? Fender or Gibson? I know John Entwistle used to break his super expensive guitars on stage, but I don’t what he played. You have really been in the heart of art and music, right? (Green with envy) 🙏🏻

      2. PS. I recently saw – again – Antonioni’s “Blowup” with Hemmings and Redgrave. A young Jane Birkin. I was smashed to see Jimmy Page and jeff Beck, who were not that well-known then… 🎸

  10. Resa,
    You managed to capture all of the right angles of the mural perfectly. Great art too. I would imagine it was frustrating to have the car in the way. But, you managed very well. The song is spot on for the post. Such a fabulous singer.
    Have a great week … Be Safe
    Isadora 😎

  11. Hi lovely Resa artista, this is a fab art piece and shot! Effortlessly cool. Love the whole vibe, the colors, and the brilliant details, such as the girl´s cool-cat-facial expression:) Muchas gracias amiga! Hope you are well. Mil abrazotes xoxoxo

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