Rest in Flowers

This garage door art made gasp out loud from its beauty.

Part way through making this post, I heard about the passing of Eddie Van Halen.

So, I dedicate this post to Eddie.

Guitar is my fave instrument. I dated drummers, bass players, keyboardists, horn players and singers. For me, there’s nothing like a hot guitar player.

Rest in Flowers! RIFF, Eddie!

Pics taken by Resa – September 28, 2020

Toronto, Canada

The Artist:

You can feel his fingers on those strings and on the fret board! He was a true rock guitar artist.

Makes me feel even more honoured to have some of my one-eye art, on Art Guitars custom made & played by Timothy Price from Off Center Not Even

Abstract Art Guitar art – Tumultuous is by Tiffany Arp-Daleo.

104 thoughts on “Rest in Flowers

    1. Oh Holly,
      You know my love of many years is a musician. Guitar is his main instrument. This hits close to home.
      Eddie was a rock guitar genius.
      I did work with his ex-wife Valerie Bertinelli. She was a joy to dress, a class act all the way.
      Time is a relentless song writer.

                    1. I found: a blue kool kats band, and a Muhammed Ali by a dumpster, a girl playing a guitar and a Korea mural. There were a few others… a good 3.5 hours, all in all!

                    2. Yes, getting very chilly! I was layered, and I cover my ears now. It was a 3.5 hour walk, maybe a bit more, so the body is quite warm.
                      Boogapony is always with me in the alleys!

                    3. Marching & walkin’ all over that guy… who says he’s got something for you… but has nothing! 🌹 How can there be no BOOTS emojis?

                    4. They’re perfect. I’m going to comb my emojis…They’ve got to be there!!! 👢👢💞
                      (just copied yours)
                      I’ll be back to blog, but I’ve got 4 pies waiting for me to finish them!!! xoxoxo

                    5. 4 pies 🥧? Yummy! Enjoy. I’ve been thinking about baking a pineapple upside down cake but it’s 90 degrees and I don’t want to turn on the oven. I got some sun earlier, gotta get your Vitamin D! Don’t forget. xoxoxo

                    6. Right, vitamin D… I’ve got a bottle of it, in liquid form, & i have a glass of calcium OJ every morning. That has Vit D in it as well.
                      It looks like we are entering the dark months now, Sigh. They start earlier and last longer every year.
                      90!!!!! It’s going down to 48 tonight and up to 54 tomorrow, so I don’t mind the oven on.
                      I’ve never mastered the upside down cakes.
                      Pies, yes… cakes, muffins, NO!
                      Okay the veggie pie is out of the oven, 2 peach and 1 cherry any minute now!
                      Love you… and I will take my D, and I adore you for telling me to take it!

                    7. Those pies sound so good. I’m actually quite the pie baker. It was a mother in law thing. She taught me well.
                      Plenty of Vitamin D esp in the dark months, OJ is super. Coats sweaters and scarves. 🥾🥾🧤🧤👨‍🎤🍷🧦🧦🥧🍊🌝🧣xoxoxo

    1. It’s all about guitarists, guitars and rock music today. It’s home for me. Thanks to you and S. (Oannes) that home is expanded.

  1. Timothy Price

    I can sit in the garden and have Cosmos cover my eyes. It’s a nice way to look at the world from time to time. I really like that mural. Great find. I really like both Van Halen songs. I remember when we I was a kid the older boys would talk about Spanish Fly and how they wanted to slip some to the best looking girls.

    1. Lucky you… Cosmos over your eyes.
      Wish I had more Cosmos, time to time. Flowers send messages.
      LOL Spanish Fly… it is a massive myth, worthy of metal rock!
      So cool.

          1. Timothy Price

            You would slip Spanish fly to girls or women to make them horny. Those were the days when we boys were taught girls weren’t horny.

            1. True.. it would go into a girl’s drink.
              It seems a LOT more innocent than slipping a date rape drug into a girl’s drink.
              Times have changed, indeed!
              Guess girls don’t need to be horny, in those cases, just available.

              1. Timothy Price

                At least with Spanish Fly a woman would be an active participant. At least that’s how I understood it as a kid. A comatose woman would be no fun at all after slipping her a date rape drug. But rapists have a different mindset.

                1. Yes, the idea of an active participant was the lure! Changed and changing social norms have allowed for women to feel more sexually free, as time has gone by. I think women do participate more actively, now.
                  I think the 60’s and birth control were a liberating factor for women in 1st world countries.
                  Yet, there are so many date rape stories, I can’t help but wonder why? Look at Bill Cosby! He’s rich, successful, a star, a celebrity, but still needed to use drugs to seduce women.
                  It doesn’t make a lot of sense.

                  1. Timothy Price

                    Yes. I don’t understand men like Bill Cosby. There is something in his psyche that is way out of whack. Whatever it is, it seems to be the case with men who use date rape drugs.

    1. Thank you so very much Merril.
      I married a guitar player.. he arranges and produces now, but has more guitars than I can count, and still plays.
      Eddie is not all that much older than my love, so this really hit home.

  2. Resa, an awesome tribute to Van Halen. Love his songs. I’m playing the guitar again. And a secondary key character in my book is a guitarist and has a band. Rest in Flowers is perfect for Eddie. 💐🎼Christine

    1. Thank you 💐🎼Christine!
      My guy is a guitarist. He had 2 bands. Now he produces and arranges… and still plays guitar!
      Glad to hear you are writing!

  3. What a fantabulous mural… and perfect that you should dedicate it to Eddie Van Halen. Such a loss. Mick must be welcoming him with open arms. He adored VH.

    1. Thanks Amy! (as if I painted the art), but I did take good pics of it!
      My hubs is a guitar player a bit younger than Eddie’s age, so it felt close to home.
      On a happier note, I’d like to send you a pic of the fabrics I’m using for the gown. May I use the email attached to this comment?

  4. Resa the mural is a gorgeous find! I gasped too. This makes a lovely tribute to Eddie Van Halen. I’m sad to see another great rocker pass… I’m still weepy over David Bowie and Glen Frye passing so close together, and how long has that been now? I agree that there is something uniquely special about guitar. Kudos on your collaboration with Tim. Hugs on the wing.

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