4th Try was a Charm

I thought this was a well done piece, but there was a big ass vehicle parked.

I couldn’t get a straight on shot, and ended up with demented angles. Those are interesting, but I just wanted a straight on.

I tried everything… reflections…

Next time was even tighter between the vehicle, and the art.

Took pics of the cute motorbike. A Harley or BMW is a motorcycle.

The time after that, I was impressed with how close the vehicle was parked to the wall, without knocking off the rear view mirror.

Then it happened on my 4th time walking by.

There was an old, low car there, and I could take head on pics.

Pics taken by Resa – May, June, July & August 2020

Toronto, Canada

The Artist:

So loving the decals!

99 thoughts on “4th Try was a Charm

  1. Timothy Price

    That is a nice piece. Pickup trucks. We have lots of pickups out here that are good a blocking things. I would guess the motorcycle is a Ducati and Kawasaki. It’s hard to tell. I can’t read the name on the one side of the bike, but it looks to be too long for Ducati.

      1. Hi Resa, the art is fantastic as per usual and FYI the bike is a Kawasaki Z650. The green framework is a giveaway and look closely on the fuel tank near the front fork there is a Z logo in the chevron . And I’m glad your perseverance paid off you got some great pics.

        1. You are right! Kawasaki it is. Excellent!
          Seems light sabers are not the only thing you know.
          Thanks, yeah, I’m glad I kept checking. I do like the piece a lot.

          1. Haha! I just zoomed in on the first picture of your post, if you are careful you can enlarge the area with the bike’s fuel tank and read the name! I did go to the Kawasaki website to double check the model type though. I am a motor sports fan (cars bikes…planes) and have a few motorcycle race team inspired hilts on my site.

    1. Thank you, Thunder!
      I admit I was out walking for hours yesterday (found art!!), and have been drawing a lot.
      That’s my excuse for not answering your lovely comment sooner!
      Of course tonight I want to draw. Took out some fabrics for the next Art Gown.
      Drowning in creativity, makes a big pile of dishes, as well as getting behind on comments!

  2. Most beautiful painting and it’s reflections on car’s mirror and one side of bike.hey Resa!!there are not any parking place.they all are stupid who parked their vehicles as they liked.left them.you are big admirer of art when you send many art paintings to any friend.great painter and great admirer,you are.love you.❤

    1. Hello dear!

      I know the cars make it hard to take pictures of art in the street.
      There are many artists who paint in the street. I enjoy documenting their work on this blog.
      I also love to make my own drawings. My best are the Art Gowns. My Art Gowns are my best art! Love you, too! ❤

  3. Dear amiga artista, thanks for gracing us again with such fantastic shots of fantastic art pieces. Really love the picture of art meeting car reflection! Gracias por brightening my day with this:) Much love and big hugs xoxoxo

    1. Dear Gypsy,
      I’m always very happy when you come for visits!
      The reflections are a lot of fun.
      Ever since Drew, The Lonely Author, made us both “Beautiful Women of WordPress, I have felt a sisterhood with you.
      Now, we await his recovery. It is a long time.
      I wish him the very best. I should do another post for him, soon.
      Sending muchos besos! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

      1. Dear lovely Resa, aww what an absolutely beautiful message dear! You touch my heart, honestly😘 Such a pleasure to take in your precious art, I love love love it. Sincerely! I adore what you said about feeling a kinship, a sacred sisterhood with me. Same here, and sacred sisterhood is a concept and feeling that is becoming more and more important to me, so thank you SO much for choosing this word and sentiment here! Women supporting women YES!!!😘😘😘😘 Love it 😘😘😘 Yes, Drew did a wonderful thing there (and always with his poems). I hope he recovers asap. He is a wonderful, loving, and incredibly soul-full human!! Love the idea of another post for him! Mil besos amiga! Take good care of yourself xoxoxoxoxo

    1. Yes, another fab idea! Not.
      Of course you’re right, Big Arnie is the answer.

      Be great if he came along on my adventures, to move garbages cans (always full) tip trucks (as you’ve mentioned), wrangle down fire escapes, crush cars, move heavy metal industrial trash and kick all kinds of loose refuse out of the way.

    1. I take pictures of the murals for everyone to see.
      I have only painted 3 small ones, with poetry.
      All the drawings on my blogs, and the Art Gowns are my original art.
      Thank you for asking, dear Aruna!

      1. It is most good work.i will read your poetry and see your Art Gowns.dear Resa!! Here is two bloggers named Resa.one is you and other is Resa who prepare the gowns and tell mostly about gowns.Both Resa are you,plz reply.

          1. Wonderful.Really you are most talented.your Arts and Gowns are attracting me always,dear Resa!!one side ,you are amazing photographer and other side you make amazing and so much beautiful gowns.Weldon.

    1. I gotta do what I gotta do!
      Lol… I’ve climbed fences, fire escapes, gates have magically opened, I’ve gone up in a scissor lift, crawled under electric wires, stood on roofs and more. Ah, all this helps keep me young (ish in a way) excited and wanting more.

    1. Thank you Rebecca!
      You are right about not giving up.
      I walked for 4 hours yesterday. I found some cool art.
      There was this mural I went looking for over a year ago. I gave up, but the image of it remained, and disdain of not finding it remained in my brain.
      I glanced down an alley. In the distance were bold colours. It had to be art. As I approached I realized it was THAT mural. OMG..
      How, why, reasons I didn’t find it when I first look will be revealed when I post it. I adore it!

    1. The hood would not have been an angle I care about, unless I was 100% sure not to damage the paint, or cause a dent. Vehicles are like tin foil these days. 😀
      Also, it was parked so close to the art, I would have got a close up of an eye or the lips. Lol!

      1. Thank you, we are all well, pottering about and making the best of things. Trying to watch lots of documentaries to keep up with thoughtful things as reading time is at a bit of a premium but at least I can keep an ear (if not an eye) on the documentary with Amelia running riot.

    1. I don’t mind going back & back. Then I might find something new!
      Parking is such an issue here, that the cars don’t bother me, and I have moved garbage bins.. BUT when they plant a tree in front of art… I just wonder why?

    1. It’s a pretty great piece, Sue. These works are always so much more exciting in real life. This is why I present the way I do… not just 1 static shot of the piece, but delving in or out of it!

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