Buffy Sainte Marie

Found a Bell Box with Buffy Sainte Marie on it.

I know I had this song in another post. It is my favourite Buffy song ever, with outstanding performances by all. It is one of my very fave songs, top 10!

Pics taken by Resa – August – 2020

Toronto, Canada

The Artist:

68 thoughts on “Buffy Sainte Marie

  1. Beautiful image of Buffy St. Marie. Such an amazing talent. I love this song. I read that BSM won an Oscar for her version of Up where We we belong in an Officer and a Gentleman. This is a beautiful tribute to her. Love it! xo

    1. Buffy is fabulous!
      I probably knew about the Oscar, and forgot. I’ll go hear that after this comment.
      There’s a great docu about her… 45 mins. if you get a chance. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y1nNbR791go&t=1905sx. The thing that really sticks with me from the docu, is that in the 60’s she was hugely popular in the USA. It was a time of protest songs. Most were against the Vietnam War. Buffy decided to write protest songs for the N. American Indians.
      Her songs were resonating in the USA. For that, she was blacklisted in the USA. It almost ruined her career, except Canadians never stopped loving her and listening to her.
      The docu exposes how government controls us, our thoughts, our minds, our decisions, etc.
      It’s quite a powerful piece, and Buffy is at the centre.
      My dear Holly, thank you for your considerate comment! xoxo

        1. Can you believe she is 75 in the video? Talk about a role model.
          Oh, loved the RBG reblog you did this morning. What a great political cartoon!
          Another great role model! xoxoxoxoxo
          (Heading over to Art Gowns, so will be visiting from there for a while.Got the water marks done on the sketches!)

  2. Love Buffy Ste. Marie. I saw her perform long ago and she said the audience: You’ve got to invent your own recipe for life. I’ve never forgotten that. My recipe has had its share of flops but it was still good advice.

    1. That’s a great saying! She’s done well with that advice, and has had many flops along the way, herself. It seems flops are all part of the plan. I mean, if you didn’t know what a flop was, you wouldn’t appreciate successes as much. You might not even recognize a success.

  3. Hello gorgeous Resa, love it! Thank you for teaching me about this amazing singer – I didn’t know her! Supercool song:) And great Graffiti Art. Visiting your blogs is like getting a fantastic creativity- muse-boost-injection every single time. Sending much love, warm hugs, and besitos from across the ocean xoxoxo

    1. My pleasure, dear Gypsy!
      Buffy is amazing. The song is like WOW… the spirit in it, the meaning!
      I just did another “Gowntoon” on Art Gowns. Drop by when you get the chance!

      1. Agreed, dear lovely friend! Great vibes in the song:) Excited to check out your new art tomorrow!!! Your Art Gown posts are some of my favorite ever posts in the blogosphere:) I ditch mainstream media for your creativity input every single time! Much much love my friend. I heart ya! xoxoxoxoxoxo

  4. What a beautiful mural of Buffy! Such a fabulous rendition of her.
    And this is my fave Buffy song. The addition of Tanya Tagaq’s throat singing makes it so special.

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