55 thoughts on “The Write Face

    1. LOL!!!
      Interesting… “referred to graffiti as old school” …Yes, in terms of this writing style it is, and has been very prevalent. I have at least 500 pics of graffiti writings, probably more.
      I’m working on an article about this style of graffiti, that is viewed from my perspective in Toronto. It spans time, but focuses on the last 10 years.

    1. Yes, mystical is a great word for it! It’s my favorite piece of writing I’ve found in a long time. Aq, I must have 400 pieces of writing in my collection. I’ve started a post, but I’m doing a bit more research trying to match artists up with their work. I’ve got 150 names of artists. I’ve seen work by close to 100 of them. Not sure exactly how to handle the post….probably in several parts. XXO 😘🧡

      1. Yes… I think several parts would be a good option, considering all the information you have. Wow, that’s really impressive, meaning the amount of artists!. ( I my blog in a sort of stand by mode. I don’t think I will be posting more than three posts this year, anyway) xxxooo 😘💕🌸

        1. That’s okay! Blogging is not a job. It should be fun, something to do when you feel like it! I go through thoughts about only blogging on Art Gowns, but then see some gorgeous street art. Although, lately, I’m not posting as much on GLaM. Once a week is my new plan. xxoo 🧡🦄

          1. Thanks for your words… yes, I pretty much see it that way too… 💕🌸 I love GLam as well… hope you keep on blogging there always. No matter he frequency 😘 happy weekend xoxo 🦄

  1. Mysterious and raw, a wonderful find that showcases this artists’ skill beautifully. Lucky for all of us that you came upon this, so we could enjoy this wall of creativity at its finest.

  2. I’ve come back to this post several times, Resa. What caught my attention was the way in which comments reflected our ability to recognize faces, even before we remember names. We are able to identify each other quickly and easily, as well as intuitively sense emotional states simply with a quick glance. I loved Aquileana’s thought on the word “mystical” – its the perfect word that encompasses the blurry appearance and appeal of this mural. Artists understand our need to see clarity in each other. And sometimes the mystical comes through…

    1. This is a wonderful and insightful comment, Rebecca! You’re right that Aq’s adjective “mystical” is the perfect word here.
      Faces are a recognition fact. Sometimes I bump into someone out of context. Perhaps I know them from work, or social situations. However, walking in the park, I only know I know them.
      It’s especially embarrassing when they remember my name, but I only remember their face. LOL! I used to fake it, now I just say, sorry, I just can’t remember your name. When I hear their name, they are put into context.
      As you know, I’ve been busy on Art Gowns for a week. This was the perfect piece of street art to linger here while I frolicked in Art Gown land.
      Your mystical is coming through loud and clear! 😀

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