2 Cat Garage

I’ve heard of 2 car garages, but this is my first 2 cat garage.

Unfortunately, there were pathetic tags on the cats’ foreheads.

I used a touch up tool, and as amateur as it is, I am posting because I adore this sweet piece.

Pics taken by Resa – May 6, 2018

Toronto, Canada

The Artist: Andrea M.

Thank you to Neil P. & Hannah S.

34 thoughts on “2 Cat Garage

  1. Cool cats! I love all the crystals too, and the rain drops. Good choice to have it on a black background as it makes it really pop. Thanks for sharing some more great art with us, I don’t even know how you keep finding all these wonderful things! X

  2. Sheldon Kleeman

    I see you’ve been noodling around I just stop by to say hello are you working on a new dress you know my grandmother taught me how to see still use it today
    Oh look at me going on like a cat chasing a mouse see ya. Bye Bye

    1. I am working on a new dress! I’m also sketching more, and planning more Art Gowns Art posts. It takes 3 – 6 months to make a gown, so Ive been formulating in between posts. I’ve got a new Art Gowns Art post going up in about a week, with 2 new sketches. One is of a gown I’ve already done, and the other is one purely imagined.
      Thank you Sheldon!

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