Pastel Peace

My fave image from a very long mural.

However, let’s begin at the beginning, from left to right.

There’s more, but this is what I could get in 1 shot.

Too, bad! Only a few months old and already tagged.

Now, the rest of it!

Pics taken by Resa – March 11, 2018

Toronto, Canada

The Artists: 6 Artists did this peace together

62 thoughts on “Pastel Peace

    1. The colors seem like the late 50’s or early 80’s. It is a wonderful find! It’s still around 0 C here, with cold winds, and expecting snow tonight. Going crazy to go for a graffiti walk. I know exactly where I want to go!

            1. That is the political plea of the new century.
              Many of our leaders (erm) do not address global warming as in issue. Pass me a tissue! I need to cry… for the polar bears, for the penguins, for the salmon, for the whales and all creatures affected. Do I cry for humans? Not yet.

              1. I don’t know how these morons (erm) face themselves in the mirror. Have they no concern for their own children, grandchildren, not to mention all the creature we share this planet with. It’s all about greed. these people in power who deny science are lying, they know damn well there is global warming but it would harm there agenda to face and try to do anything about it. It’s humiliating to be one of the few civilized nations denying climate change or trying to convince everyone that it is a natural phenomenon. Shameful!

                1. Yes, it’s about money and greed. Canada was more than shocked when trump pulled you out of the climate accord. Shocking! Of course all the EPA rollbacks are also unbelievable. We keep hearing stories up here about all the water pollution in Flint & other places.
                  Of course, since the beginning of Free Trade, the US says they have rights to our water. We have been fighting, in court, pipelines of our water to the US for decades.
                  We have enough problems trying to get water to aboriginals up north. Canada is shamed.

                  1. I never dreamed I would ever be ashamed of this country but Trump and his cowardly Republican congress majority and hoodlums occupying the white house are dragging us own, I can’ t say what I feel about it here. Nov 18 is the mid term votes for the Senate…I am counting all all the good people to get out there, the kids that they mock after being attacked at school but are now of voting age, the minorities that it is so vital for to be at the polls and kick the damn cowards out of there, and hopefully Trump will not be able to complete his term due to collusion and corruption. WE love Canada, we are so sorry you are affected, the whole world is affected by this moron. It won’t stand.

                    1. I am embarrassed to say that I designed the costumes for an ABC Movie of the Week about him. It was a docu-drama about his life up to his getting pitched to do The Apprentice. I took the video off my website!
                      OH, the costumes were awesome.

  1. I love this. right up my alley, I search for Mural every where I go. I did a piece on Sussex, New Brunswick, the mural capital of Atlantic Canada. Thanks for sharing awesome work.

    1. Guest Post …you get a pic from the ones you took and submitted displayed on my sidebar, and linked to your blog. Not a big deal. A little deal!

      1. Well ,I may be interested Not sure how to proceed. you will have to forgive me Resa, I am a writer but not that good with lingo and application on here. I am sure I could be doing more with my blog but I my computer skill level is limited.

        1. No worries! Let me know if you find some street art, and have pics of it. We can go from there! Many who submit art, like to write words to go with it. That sounds up your alley!
          I’ll send you an email to the address connected to this WP account. Then if you find something, or have questions, you’ll know how to contact me.

  2. Pingback: Pastel Peace — Graffiti Lux and MuralsThis is a reblog from Resa in Toronto. I like that it is all pastels. That is so different from all of the bright colors that usually are used. I hope that you enjoy them as I did. – My Life on the Chicago # 3

    1. Agree! I’m trying to get to a mural that I think will be of interest to you. It’s just that it is sooo cold here, it’s difficult to go for a walk.Hope it’s warm where you are!

  3. I like that only the background has colour – it’s flipping the usual concept around. Also, I see Whole Foods here in Victoria sponsored it, so I like the local connection xx

    1. LOL! I called them “Mushroom Heads” when I found them for the first time. This is the second piece of art I have found with the “Mushroom Heads”. I have not posted the first one, as there was a truck parked, blocking a chunk of the mural. ❤

  4. You have probably seen my brother Randy’s murals, but he buys a “graffiti barrier” paint which I believe most good paint shops carry in their wares. Only once did he have to order it online. The paint either peels off or it runs off. I actually haven’t investigated this. Smiles, Robin 🌞

      1. Oh, I had one last week and last summer and spring. I will write them down and send them soon, Resa. 💟
        He gets paid, so they aren’t street graffiti. Thank you for your enthusiasm! 😀

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