Dali in Dizzy Land

Poor Resa! I saw her approach this mural, and I thought she might faint. She sure fooled me.

 She started taking pics, immediately. I mean, it’s insane here with Dali and all of the Krazy Kartoons! I’m the only Kool one, the only Kat.

Blow up any of the Pano shots, and blow your mind!

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Blow me up!

Pics taken by Resa – 2017

Toronto, Canada

The Artists:

28 thoughts on “Dali in Dizzy Land

    1. Roger Rabbit was like a hyper stylized bugs.. in a way. We’ve got a Mickey Rat in this mural & other OTT characters. It took me a few days of wonder, but I’ve come to like this a lot! 😀

  1. Very cool, thanks. Funny I just wrote a story Beaverbrook bigger better, , that has new wing for Dali gallery, I’m learning about the man now. And I covered murals in Sussex story, glad I’m not alone

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