The Girls

In a lane off  Wellesely is this very pretty, but wildly eroded mural.


I’ve never seen paint peeling like this before. It was literally hanging like curled and colorful Post-it notes across a 40 ft. wall.


Had I found this when it was fresh, it would have been a 3-part post. This is all that was left to take pics of. I considered taking a shot of the peeling paint, but alas, I couldn’t bare to be reminded of what I’d missed out on.


Pics taken by Resa – March 24, 2016

Toronto, Canada

Artist(s): unknown to me




36 thoughts on “The Girls

    1. I suppose this is why I am so smitten with outdoor art. As long as I find joy in capturing it, I’ll continue with this blog.
      After my blog is gone, well it’s gone from here, too. In the meantime, I will enjoy, and hope all who visit here do, as well.

  1. Where is my mind today, Resa? I read your opening sentence as wildly ‘erotic’! Coming down to Earth, and reminding myself where I was, I thoroughly enjoyed The Girls… They don’t look to be too aged and worn. You must have shown us the best of the best… 🙂

  2. How strange, Resa, about the paint peeling. I wonder what type of paint was used. Evidently not the right one. Still and all these murals are incredible. Every time I come here I am in awe of our street artists. OMG! Incredible talent exhibited!! ❤

    1. I don’t know what type of paint was used. I’ve never seen peeling like this, except on very old wooden homes that have not been painted for years.
      On that basis, I would think a exterior house paint was used.
      Most of the street art is done with spray can paint, which is made from various bases. I believe. It does not peel. It fades and chips. ❤

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