Family of Seals

This heart warming family of seals is part of a long wall.


Here’s the baby seal.


They live in a parking lot by Ossington & Queen W.


For me, the seals steal the show…


Even though the center piece is quite catchy…


.. and full of glamour.



…And the lead piece is very flashy.



Pics taken by Resa, October 6, 2016

Toronto, Canada

The Seal Artist


A Nuevo Arte Urbano project


⭐ Please, love seals! ⭐


38 thoughts on “Family of Seals

    1. I knew you would love this! I was teary eyed when I spotted it. It is so loving and life affirming. Kudos to the artist! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx HUGS LOVE and a sky full of stars to you! ⭐ ⭐
      (Kisses for Hera!)

    1. LOL! I am confused… Seals, otters or sea lions. I was hoping someone like… you might point out the difference. I did go on Google images, but still wasn’t sure. You are more of a nature expert than me, so otters they may be.
      however, what I love…is the loving family!

    1. The baby is wonderful. I’m a huge fan of animals portrayed in street art. I’m also a fan of cars’ reflections of the art they are parked in front of. 😀

  1. Resa, the family just won my heart. I only think they are sea otters. It was my first thought when I saw them, but may be the author thinks different 🙂
    I took a picture of a mural in Waterford and will use it in one of my posts in November. I will link the post to your blog. I know that most of our community are the same bloggers, but may be there is someone who doesn’t know your fantastic blog yet 🙂 Have a happy day!!!

    1. I didn’t know about sea otters. I knew about seals…. sea lions, and river otters. LOL
      Anyway the family is sweet and appealing.
      I’m very excited to see your mural pic!!!
      Best to you, Inese. 😀

      1. The family is the sweetest. These otters are famously very cuddly 🙂
        I already took one picture last night, and I know one more mural that has caught my eye. I will make a room for the post in the mid November – there is a demolition in progress and I want them to finish it. xx

    1. Me too! I love animals! 😀 OH! I’m going to Winnipeg & one of the new murals there… I totally MUST get it, is celebrating Nelly McClung & the women’s movement! We should do some kind of dual post thing for When Women Inspire. Will keep you posted. xo

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