Bruno Smoky, A. Thom & Dave Bonzai

Bruno Smoky’s work can be fantasy come real!

Artist: Bruno Smoky
Artist: Bruno Smoky

How adorable is this snail’s head?

Csf1 #34
Artist: Bruno Smoky

Details make a difference to me, and Smoky delivers.

Csf1 #39
Artist: Bruno Smoky

  Smoky is one half of Canada’s Clandestinos Art – see them on Facebook. It’s art from the heart. Or, check his art out on Bruno Smoky on Instagram

Artist: Bruno Smoky
Artist: Bruno Smoky


Csf1 #39b

Andrew is from Kitchener, Ontario. I didn’t get to see his piece 100%, but I am happy I got to view what I did.

Csf1 #38

I can’t find a link to his art, but I will update if he sends me one.

Csf1 #36
Artists: L- Smoky, R-Andrew Thom


Artist: Dave Bonzai
Artist: Dave Bonzai

Wow! I luv, luv this piece, & what a great guy!

Artist: Dave Bonzai
Artist: Dave Bonzai

Dave is from Southampton, England. View his work on Dave Bonzai on Instagram

Artist: Dave Bonzai
Artist: Dave Bonzai

Wow, she gorgeous!

Artist: Dave Bonzai
Artist: Dave Bonzai

Pics take by Resa  – August 13 & 14, 2016

Cambridge, Ontario

Csf1 #9

Also, Angels’ kisses & many Thank You’s to Brian Price & Linda Daniher- Festival Organizers

& big thank you’s to all the Official Sponsors of the first


Csf1 #10
Artist: Shalak Attack

11 thoughts on “Bruno Smoky, A. Thom & Dave Bonzai

  1. It’s all about the details, Resa; I agree.
    The artists really ‘put themselves out there’… not much different to any artist, I suppose, and yet these guys are not working in comfy surrounds! They are truly a breed of their own! And, well ‘caught’ by you… 🙂

    1. Yes, dear Carolyn, they are a breed of their own. Their art embraces that & so much more. When I look at the history of this modern culture, I realize it goes back into the 1970’s. Beyond I see Italian fresco art, hieroglyphics & more! 😀 xoxoxo

  2. The patience and planning it must take to craft such pieces and of course waiting for the weather to be right is very impressive. Such a distinctive style and of course also a big thank you for bringing them to us.

    1. Aww, thanks Ste J! It is a hobby that involves a lot of walking. That is my exercise. Without hunting for street art, my body would seize up at the feet of my Judy while I draped gowns….LOL! 😀

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