Horse Drawn Heritage

149 years ago, the noble horse drew Canada into the future.

17Ott #10

The horse drawn street car may have evolved away…

17Ott #11

… but bicycles are here to stay.

17Ott #11

This part of the mural seems to celebrate our continuing growth, our institutions .

17Ott #15

And our puzzling Canadian sense of humor!

17Ott #14

Godzilla, anyone?

17Ott #16

This mural will continue to celebrate for 2 or 3 more posts!

Pics taken by Resa, May 14, 2016

Ottawa, Canada

The artist is unknown to me.

17Ott #1

17Ott #2

Canada is one fab country to live in!

17Ott #3

 17Ott #12

17 thoughts on “Horse Drawn Heritage

  1. From the 3-D dinosaur age to modern times, all on one wall. Makes one want to take up history, Canadian history 😀
    So how are you Resa dear friend ? I expect you are getting excited as the days are getting short, almost time to see Jeep and Johnny again. Yay !
    Big hug. Ralph xoxo ❤ #<

  2. Hey, Resa.. 😉
    Horses, bikes, and dinosaurs. Well, apart from the dinosaur, it wasn’t all that long ago that horses ruled… So much has happened over the past century! 🙂

  3. Good find Resa – the movement for the cyclist, brilliant by the artist. Love the combination of B&W and color. Have a wonderful weekend.

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