Portraiture Perfect

I’ve wanted this doggie for over a year.

Dog #1

I made a special trip to his wall, & found out he was panted in 2009.

Dog #2


Dog #4

Pics taken by Resa, March 23, 2016

Toronto, Canada

It seems there are 2 artists: Rons & Mish

Dog #7

Dog #5

Dog #6

13 thoughts on “Portraiture Perfect

      1. Hahaha, grrrrr….! 😀
        I even surprised myself with that reaction. Having two little four legs running about all day it seemed reasonable to greet the ‘on-screen’ little four leg in the same way!!! Yes, I do growwlllll at my puppy-dogs… Hahah.. 😀
        What do they do? Why, of course, they wag their tails even harder… ❤

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