“These Eyes” – for Sherrie

Day after the party, and I’m having a hard time focusing.


Okay, my skin isn’t as taut as usual, & my eyes look a little hung over.

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.. but  they can still see in the dark


… and they are filled with love for my niece Sherrie!

Sheyes #2

 “These Eyes” 1968, is a beautiful song by the Guess Who. This band is from Sherrie’s & my hometown. The vid is old, but sounds great & has Spanish Subtitles

Resa… you love  sap.. like chill out! We got some serious painting to do by Hallowe’en! You want eyes? Look at my eyes.

Sheyes #6

Pics taken by Resa – September & October, 2015

Toronto, Canada

Enjoy the rest of Sherrie Week! It’s Hallowe’en, anything can happen! Did I mention I’m seeing double?


⭐ Security provided by “Cute Puppy” ⭐


35 thoughts on ““These Eyes” – for Sherrie

        1. No I don’t, but I listen to the radio off and on. I live in Canada, so they play a lot of Guess Who & Burton Cummings so I’ve heard a lot of the tracks, if not all.
          One day Burton & Randy showed up at the local FM rock station and they did some acoustic pieces. Very Cool. Burton still sounds great!

  1. I think I actually look like the second one when I’m hungover. I’m loving all these posts, you’re awesome!!

    One of my favourite songs, but you already know that 😉


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