South Side – Wildcards

The south side of the underpass features lots of Graf Writing.

Artist: Skam
Artist: Skam

The pieces would make great graf trading cards .

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There’s no way I can do the rest of the south side in 1 post.

Artist: Sight
Artist: InSight

It could be 3 or 4 or more posts, but I began covering this underpass at the end of June, so 2 posts will have to do.

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 Eagle Wild was posted on August 31. It was posted out of order because it’s so gorgeous that I could not wait. All pieces in this post are before “Eagle Wild” as one moves through the underpass.

Artist: Skam
Artist: Skam

All posts of art in this mega underpass have had “Wild” in the title.

Pics taken by Resa, June 21 , 2015

Toronto, Canada


DU2end #20

DU2end #5

DU2end #13

DU2end #16

1DU #7
I counted 43 names here!

DU2end #33

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