Puerto Rican Iguana

Maria from Tropical Flowering Zone has also sent us this Iguana.

photo © Maria I Firpi Mazur
photo © Maria I Firpi Mazur
“This mural has very good technique. It depicts a Green Iguana, officially declared as an ‘invasive species’ on the island. The unknown artists of this mural painted the Iguana as a huge monster holding a Coqui Frog in its hand. “
photo © Maria I Firpi Mazur
photo © Maria I Firpi Mazur
“Here you can see the detail of the Iguana holding the Coqui Frog. The truth of the matter is that Green Iguanas do not attack Coquis, so at the time this mural was painted, there was a misconception of the Green Iguana and the reptile, which has been stigmatized ever since. The Green Iguana is a beautiful reptile and its diet is strictly vegetarian. I love Green Iguanas and will do anything to rescue and protect them from being harmed.”

 Pics taken by Maria I Firpi Mazur – June, 2015

Puerto Rico


See “DEAD MAN’S GARDEN” from Maria in 2 weeks!

22 thoughts on “Puerto Rican Iguana

  1. These Green Iguanas are originally from central & south America and became popular in the pet trade during the 1970’s. Thousands of people bought these iguanas in the U.S. and P.R., and released them when they grew too big to be maintained properly. They’re in the states of Florida, California, and other American desert zones. In P.R. they were also released and when this mural was painted, it was done to create a negative image of the Iguana eating a native Coqui frog. Not my favorite mural, but it ‘s technically well executed and reflects the misconception of the reptile at that time.

    1. I love Iguanas! Some have them as pets in Canada. I don’t know if this is right or not, but they are adorable!
      I’m sad to hear they have a negative image.
      Resa 🙂

      1. They are adorable! The males just start getting agressive during mating season, and that’s when owners sometimes get bitten or whipped with their tails. Males can grown big and get agressive. One just needs space to keep them well and healthy.

    1. I am the one who should be thanking you!
      I want to show the world as much street art as I can!
      You have just helped. I love you for this!

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