Puerto Rican Beauty

Maria from Tropical Flowering Zone took these amazing pics of an incredible piece of street art.

photo © Maria I Firpi Mazur
photo © Maria I Firpi Mazur


This mural was painted on an exit to a highway. It depicts two black women surrounded by Caribbean Monarch Butterflies. Puerto Rico is very proud of its African influence and heritage on the island. Several famous black artists have had a major influence in the arts, and this mural pays a homage to black women.

photo © Maria I Firpi Mazur
photo © Maria I Firpi Mazur
“The mural is slowly deteriorating, nevertheless it still has great detail. Caribbean Monarch Butterflies are unique because they don’t migrate and are native to the Caribbean region. They are slightly smaller than the Canadian ones but have the same colors and morphology.”

 Pics taken by Maria I Firpi Mazur – June, 2015

Puerto Rico


23 thoughts on “Puerto Rican Beauty

  1. You’re welcome. Thanks Resa for sharing these. This is what remains from the mural. I think the mural probably had more detail than this, but I think it is more than 5 years old, and the sun here is vey unforgiving, as it’s a tropical zone all year ’round. I’m glad I was able to catch it in time for this blog!

    1. Yes, I agree! I think it is important to preserve street art, even if it is only in photographs! It is very ephemeral!
      Thank you so much, and I look forward to posting the the other 2 pieces you have submitted to GLaM.
      What a wonderful gift you have given me! xx

  2. Ever since coming here I have wondered where all my local murals are, I love seeing the work, the attention and care that is put into each one…it is a joy to behold.

    1. It is a joy, Ste J! I’m wondering where your local murals are, too?
      Too, bad I have to work, as Toronto’s street art could keep me busy.
      I’m about 300 pieces of street art postings behind, but that’s okay! LOL!

    1. It is hot in Puerto Rico! I was there once & I know. Won hundreds on roulette!
      Yes, still busy, but it’s slowing down. ❤ ~~##~~#~#~#~~##~~hot in the sun ❤

      1. Won hundreds ! Wow ! Many years ago in the 80’s I went to Las Vegas for 3 nights and left with a full gas tank and US$3 more than the US$967 I had on me when I arrived in town. Normally I don’t gamble, just a charity lottery ticket now and again.
        Glad things are slowing a little for you Resa.
        Ralph xoxoxox ❤ ~##~##~ hot stuff ❤

  3. Dear Resa, this mural is really beautiful.
    The butterflies and the women are so pretty and the information about the Caribbean Monarch Butterflies is so interesting.
    I would love to visit Puerto Rico one day.
    Thank you Resa and Maria.

    XOXO Julia ❤

    1. You’re welcome Julia, Caribbean Monarchs are slightly smaller and have broader black markings, but morphologically are identical to Canadian’s Monarchs. Nevertheless, scientists still have these Monarchs classified as “Danaus plexippus”, and have not divided them due to this difference. They also don’t migrate to Mexico like the Canadian ones.

    2. Puerto Rico is amazing, as is Maria’s contribution of street art.
      What a wonderful post this is!
      What a gorgeous butterfly the Monarch is!
      What a fabulous tribute to black women this is!

    1. Nice to see you again! 🙂 I’m doing my best with saving street art in photo format!
      Are you back blogging or just out visiting? Will check your blog!

  4. I drove by the mural again and noticed the faded Monarchs in the background Resa. This mural was once a lot more colorful and had much more Monarch butterflies in the background. It has faded considerably.

    1. That is very interesting! I see all of the fades and blemishes on the old (er) murals I take pics of. It breaks my heart sometimes, but I understand this is the fate of outdoor art. It is why I am recording it.
      Oh, but the joy of finding a fresh new beauty is a wonderful feeling!
      Also, older murals that are kept up…retouched, even partly re-done make me smile.

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