Uber 5K Spring Party

It’s -18C right now in Toronto, but it can’t last!

Artist: Uber 5000
Artist: Uber 5000

Hear it’s going up to 0C on Friday!

Artist: Uber 5000
Artist: Uber 5000

Another rumor says +5C in 10 days.

Artist: Uber 5000
Artist: Uber 5000

The party has already started in the Ossington Alley.

Artist: Uber 5000
Artist: Uber 5000

Pics taken by Resa, May 9 – 2014

Toronto, Canada

Artist: Uber 5000
Artist: Uber 5000

12 thoughts on “Uber 5K Spring Party

  1. Wow! You need to break out the shorts and flip flops! It’s gonna be O degrees C on Friday! Let’s swap our sunshine for your precipitation, for two weeks, starting tomorrow. Deal?

    1. “LMAO” Sheesh! I have fake fur lined flip flops, hahaha! Cindy, I wish I could broker that deal. Wow! If we had your sun and you had our precipitation what a fabulous outcome there would be.

  2. They are happy yellow birds, aren’t they my friend ? How can you stand it being so cold Resa ? I freeze to death if it gets below +20C here during the day ! A warm hug for you. Ralph xoxox ❤ #< #<

    1. Dear Ralph,
      This is the coldest February on record for Toronto.
      I don’t mind 0C or just above.
      I love +15 – +22!!! Over that it gets a bit too, hot. Crazily in recent years it has gone up to +110C in the summer.
      Something is wrong with the weather.
      I guess that’s why they taught us this poem in grade school.
      Whether the weather is cold,
      Whether the weather is hot,
      We’ll weather the weather
      Whatever the weather
      Whether we like it
      Or not!
      xoxx ❤ #< #<

      1. Great poem Resa ! I hope it’s warming up a bit for you to tolerate a little. Too “brrr !” for me ! *kicking moths out of long johns just in case* xox ❤ #< #<

    1. ❤ Christy! The mercury rose to 0C!!! Of course it feels like -6C in the wind, but hey, it's the warmest day in moths! Looks like +1 coming up in a few days.
      That should keep the popcorn warm! 🙂

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