Lovebot Invasion

They’re Lovebots, they’re “paste ups”, and they are all over Toronto.

Lbot #1

Here’s a 7′ (2.13 m) Lovebot with his 2′ (.61 m) mini-mebot.

Lbot #2

Mini-mebot hangs with the bike.

Lbot #3

This 7′ (2.13 m) Lovebot is cool….

Lbot #4

…. hanging out on the parking lot wall of  Stones Rhino.

Lbot #5

Lovebots can be quite sneaky….

Lbot #6

… hanging out lower down with greenery….

Lbot #7

… or running away below the brick.

Lbot #8

Yeah, there’s bad-boy Lovebots. Their insistence on being pasted-up in the ally can lead to urban scars.

Lbot #9

This Lovebot covers the black that covers Phoenix Queen  I believe it was painted by Shellac Attack. I met the artist during the painting of Phoenix Queen  .

Lbot #10

Tagger got Lovebots face.

Lbot #11


Lbot #13b

Good glue!

Lbot #14

Pics taken by Resa – Spring- Fall, 2014

Toronto, Canada

21 thoughts on “Lovebot Invasion

    1. They are very neat! Anything that spreads love is good in my world.
      One odd thing is when I see them I start singing the opening song to an old TV show “Loveboat” except I’m singing “Lovebot” and making up Lovebot words. “lol”

    1. These Lovebots are one of the most interesting illegal graffiti to show up for awhile. There’s this sweet girl paste-up, but I haven’t gotten enough shots saved up yet!

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