Eyes of a Tiger

You see me with your tiger eyes.

Tiger #1

I look at you and fall in love with the eyes of a tiger.

Tiger #2

A power box I fell in love with, west side of Dufferin St. between King and Queen.

Tiger #3

Pic taken by Resa, on May, 2014

Toronto, Canada

20 thoughts on “Eyes of a Tiger

            1. 🙂 It will flatten my hair, and won’t work with my glasses!
              Sherrie, if you read this….DO NOT go out and get a pith helmet!
              However, if we ever get to go out in nice weather, we have talked about perhaps dressing me up in a gown, or dress or…. ::-)

  1. This is brilliantly painted, I remember years ago painting one of these on my bedroom wall, it was huge but nowhere near the quality of this artist. Have a lovely weekend Resa 🙂


    1. This piece was a surprise find! Of course I fell in love! You have a lovely weekend ,too! 🙂
      Thank you for your wonderful visits! 🙂

      1. Thank you for all of your brilliant graffiti art,
        I am really enjoying every viewing, I know I
        have been adding lots of comments but I don’t
        expect you to reply on all of them, though I do
        like our interactions.

        I hope you that know what I mean regarding
        feedback to my thoughts, as I would not wish
        to offend you. It wouldn’t stop me calling and
        adding what I think is what I am trying to say
        and making a big mess out of it 😦 lol

        I get behind on my replies sometimes so I know
        what it’s like. Yes okay I’m shutting up now 🙂 lol

        Andro xx
        mean and

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