Movie Art Decor

In the alley north of Bloor Street West between Dundas West and Keele that runs along the subway tracks …..

Movie Decor #0

I’m back in Toronto, but it will be a few days until I hit the streets.


So I have decided to post one from my rather large collection of street art.

Movie Decor #3

It has not debuted on GLaM before.

Movie Decor #5

Yes… it’s an iffy Marilyn and a Bruce Lee!

Movie Decor #6

Movie Decor #7

Movie Decor #8

Hitchcock anyone?

Movie Decor #9

Pics taken by Resa, on November 11, 2012

Toronto, Canada

21 thoughts on “Movie Art Decor

    1. I’m glad you like this one. 🙂 It’s a fav of mine. Alfred was amazing. I especially like “The Birds” 😉 and “Strangers on a Train”……yes, and Psycho!

        1. I have an external HD that I back up on every 10 days.
          I put unpublished pics onto sticks, but I rarely get a chance.
          Wordpress is a partial back up,
          Maybe I should get a second external HD? Is there something better?

          1. I couldn’t think of anything better. The cloud maybe? But even that could go horribly wrong. At least with HD’s, you have the control over them. I have lost so much material over the years due to computers crashing and cd’s cracking, and this and that. Making multiple backups is a lot of work, but it’s totally worth it. Especially the awesome stuff that you have!

            1. Thank you, and I agree…. and for the awesome stuff you have!!!! After your message I went out and bought a mess of sticks and I have been diligent with backing up all my new stuff and even managed to back up some old stuff that is yet unposted. Resa xo

              1. Yeah, I don’t blame you! We rely so much on computers and things, but they do break down after a while. And if you’re not backed up, you lose everything. It’s totally worth the few dollars to protect your great work!

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