Bogota Street Art by Jacqueline Hadel

This is the first book I’ve ever bought about “Street Art” and I just love it!

Bogota Street Art

I bought my copy on

Bogota #1

It’s by Jaqueline Hadel and her site TOKIDOKI is a “Street Art” lovers paradise.

Of course I’ve been through my book 15 (maybe more) times already.

It’s a little documentary gem. How different the social and political climate is in Bogota from Toronto. Yes, we do have some gritty graffiti art in Toronto. However, by comparison to the Street Art in Bogota, the Street Art here is very tame, candy at times.

Even the colourful influence of Native Art never pushes the Graffiti Art of Bogota into the bourgeois.

I took some very enjoyable time out to peruse Jacqueline’s prolific collection of Bogota Street Art on TOKIDOKI.  I wanted to pick out a few fav pics that weren’t in the book.

@ Jacqueline Hadel
@ Jacqueline Hadel
@ Jacqueline Hadel
@ Jacqueline Hadel
@ Jacqueline Hadel
@ Jacqueline Hadel

If you want to know what the author has chosen, you’ll have to buy “Bogota Street Art”.

@ Jacqueline Hadel
@ Jacqueline Hadel
@ Jacqueline Hadel
@ Jacqueline Hadel

All pics in the book are  on her site.

This is the author’s first book, and serves as a trial run for future publi-cations.

Hopefully there will be a second book, and according to Jacqueline, if so, the next book will be all unpublished pics!

In her acknowledgements there is a line:

“…I couldn’t (and after long, didn’t want to) walk down a street that wasn’t decorated in some way by graffiti.”

I know exactly how Jacqueline feels.

Hadel #8

I was so excited when my copy of “Bogota Street Art” arrived that I took it for a walk.

Hadel #9

Congratulations, Jacqueline! Your book is forty pages of beautifully shot intrigue!

Hadel #11

10 thoughts on “Bogota Street Art by Jacqueline Hadel

  1. Hi Resa. Hadn’t seen that post. Made me curious about the book. I go to Bogotá once or twice a year. And I have featured a few posts on Bogotá st art… I’ll check it out. Thanks for the tip. Hope all is well.

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