Mental Distortion

Sherrie found and took me to this Mural high up on 221 McDermot Avenue,Winnipeg. It is officially titled “Mental Distortion”. 

Artist): Marco Scarpato
Artist): Marco Scarpato

Check out the close-ups of this very intense and thought provoking piece of art!

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All shots taken by Resa, on October 09, 2012

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

The Murals of Winnipeg

9 thoughts on “Mental Distortion

  1. A great set of pictures, really capturing the detail with clarity! I also like the way that the mural is framed top and bottom with the old faded Mutual Life text at the top and the Mural Fest poster at the bottom.

    1. It looked painted right on the building.
      Although, Winnipeg has commissioned a series of small “Traveling” murals. They are painted on a separate board, hung somewhere for a couple of months , and then moved.
      I have shots of 2 of these “Traveling” murals, which I haven’t posted yet.
      Yes, it is pretty neat collecting Street Art. I’ll be getting some new shots this coming week. Although I have a couple hundred left in my catalogue to post at this point! Cheers!

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