Guitar Love

These guitars make the music of love on a side wall of Marschells Music Store on Henderson Hi-way, Winnipeg.

Artist: Dave Bezilla
Artist: Dave Bezilla

It’s glamorous beyond words, and is painted by Dave Bezillia.

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Pics taken by Resa, on October 06, 2012.

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

The Murals of Winnipeg

14 thoughts on “Guitar Love

  1. Really some wonderful shots that you have captured here… 🙂

    The only thing missing was Eric Clapton on guitar. Mark Knoffler on lead guitar and Paul McCartney on bass was playing in the background… 😉

      1. I’m the most amateur of all amateur photographer on earth – you’ll never be any thing than number two… ‘hahaha’

        I always comment things as I see them – always “truth as I see it” never lies – and I really appreciate that you like my compliment… 😉

        -and I won’t promise to stop being flattering… ‘hahaha’

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