Night Fever

Restless, I went for a walk in the dark of night, & found Graf.

Sherrie:Ralph #4

The above pic is taken with flash on.

Flash is off on the pics below.

NFever #10

This is my first experience shooting Graf at night….

NFever #8

…. and look at what I found!

NFever #3

NFever #5

NFever #2

Pics taken by Resa, September 17, 2015

Toronto, Canada

The artist(s) made this a beauty from any angle

NFever #9

NFever #11

A Very Handsome Man

I LUV this piece found near Spadina & College.

AMan #1

Wall decay reveals it’s been around a few years. However, other than what looks like a peeled off paste-up, the taggers have behaved.

AMan #2

This face has street cred to spare. Sweet, huh!

AMan #6

Pics taken by Resa, September 1o, 2015

Toronto, Canada

A beauty from any angle

AMan #5