I went on a 4 hour street art walk yesterday.

My bum ankle kicked in at hour 2.5, so I donned my ankle tensor.

Wait ’til you see the Nick Sweetman rat I found at hour 2.25! I think it’s a rat.

Anyway, I was exhausted when I found this stunningly gorgeous planter at hour 3.25. It was so low to the ground, that I sat on a “low rider” step. This way I got a straight on shot.

All the hip people at the coffee window 2 doors down from  me, were quite amused. I wear a bottle of hand sanitizer around my neck, so I did a big deal hand sanitizer application for their eyes only.

Their eyes followed me to the opposite side of the planter. I had to capture it, despite oncoming traffic.

I squished myself uncomfortably, between 2 parked cars.

Couldn’t get a dead on, but did my best. Got home, ate and fell asleep. Woke up discombobulated for the day.

Pics taken by Resa – May 17, 2021

The Artist:

LOW RIDER (Tim, do a parody!)