I went on a 4 hour street art walk yesterday.

My bum ankle kicked in at hour 2.5, so I donned my ankle tensor.

Wait ’til you see the Nick Sweetman rat I found at hour 2.25! I think it’s a rat.

Anyway, I was exhausted when I found this stunningly gorgeous planter at hour 3.25. It was so low to the ground, that I sat on a “low rider” step. This way I got a straight on shot.

All the hip people at the coffee window 2 doors down fromΒ  me, were quite amused. I wear a bottle of hand sanitizer around my neck, so I did a big deal hand sanitizer application for their eyes only.

Their eyes followed me to the opposite side of the planter. I had to capture it, despite oncoming traffic.

I squished myself uncomfortably, between 2 parked cars.

Couldn’t get a dead on, but did my best. Got home, ate and fell asleep. Woke up discombobulated for the day.

Pics taken by Resa – May 17, 2021

The Artist:

LOW RIDER (Tim, do a parody!)


127 thoughts on “Discombobulation

  1. Cool art! The photos are well worth the performance for the “Coffee-shop-hip” people πŸ˜‰ Despite cramped shooting position, you did a great job capturing the back side. As to issues after a 4 hour walk, I am assuming its the first one of the year. I hope you are able to get out and explore a lot more this year!

    1. I hope so, too! LOL, we are still in a Stay At Home Order here.
      Between lockdown, winter and spraining my ankle, I’m out of shape.
      Also, I won’t use TTC until it feels Covid safe. I used to hop on, ride to another part of the city, walk around there for a couple of hours, then TTC back.

          1. I am going on a little vacation in early July with an hour ride on bus to and from BOS airport, then a flight to and from CLE. Yeah, would not have wanted to do it before being fully vaccinated!

  2. Timothy Price

    That is a fantastic and hilarious find. I’m happy you can make light out of your exhaustion and ankle pain. You know that EspaΓ±ola is 90 miles to the north of me, and it was the Low Rider capitol of the world in the 80s and 90s. I still see low riders around. I love the song.

    1. Low Rider is a fab song, but more…it’s a groove!
      It’s 3 something minutes long, but I could groove to it for at least 20 minutes.
      As I sat on the “low rider” step, everyone staring, I realized that even though there was art near them, that they really didn’t see it. They saw me…. but did they see the art? Pfft… briefly.. maybe.

      Tim, I met War! Actually, I was living in Vangroovy ( nickname for Vancouver at the time) and they were playing for a weekend at a local club. I got to hang with them that weekend. Perhaps I should say “ride” with them. Thats what we did. We drove around.

      So cool that you live near the “Low Rider” Capitol. Never mind 80’s and 90’s…. Is/has there ever been another “Low Rider” Capitol?
      Wish we had some “Low Riders” up here! So cool!!!!

    1. I LOVE finding the art! There are some large murals that the city commissions, and those pieces are on the city’s Street Art site. So, I know where to go for those. All other art, I hunt for! It’s exhilarating when I find some!

    1. I’m basically recovered, but I need to get back in shape. Lockdown, winter and the sprained ankle combo took a toll. Cripes, we are still in a Stay At Home order here.

  3. Four and a half hours?
    Girl! I’m sure the onlookers were amused. You keep that hand sanitizer with you ! I love this planter, it’s very exotic! I prefer the 4 faces side. I also love Low Rider. I remember a friend who loaded bricks in his trunk to get a low rider. The music 🎢, it’s fabulous. You went for a ride with the β€œLow Rider”’guys! That’s awesome! xoxoxo

    1. LOL! Bricks in his trunk! You wanna Low Rider…you gotta chop!
      Like a Harley, you gotta chop if you want a Chopper.
      Yeah… I drove around for 2 days with War. I was probably thinking.. Parties, Sex, Drugs and Music….BUt we just drove around. LOL!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo

        1. Yeah… just “Low Riding” around.
          Kinda cool and fun, actually!

          All my friends know the low rider
          The low rider is a little higher
          Low rider drives a little slower
          Low rider is a real goer
          Low rider knows every street, yeah
          Low rider is the one to meet, yeah
          Low rider don’t use no gas now
          Low rider don’t drive too fast
          Take a little trip, take a little trip
          Take a little trip and see
          Take a little trip, take a little trip
          Take a little trip with me

                    1. I can’t think if it’s name, it was one of the early 60’s beach party movies. They didn’t have many choices at the air base. I would love to find it!

  4. Resa – You will brave snow, sleet and rain and endure the heat of a scorching sun to find mural art. Four hours on a recovering ankle makes you the most determined art hunter I know. I am looking forward to see the Nick Sweetman rat that you found at hour 2.25.

        1. Street art rats are highly prized, esp. since that they had fallen away from the stead. Skulls, rats and writing… the basics endure.
          Back in style… with a smile!

    1. They are very neat!
      I like that parts of Toronto are paying artists to paint planters, power boxes, underpasses, all kinds of things. The skateboard parks are all painted!

  5. I do hope you don’t overdo the “rehabilitation” of that injured ankle..please take it easy! I used to be a soccer goaltender and got tons of injuries and because I didn’t give them the rest they needed they still haunt me today. But that art is a nice reward for your persistance.
    And in a strange way the planter reminds me of two album covers first the single face side reminds me of the “Dangerous” album cover from Michael Jackson – the golds and purple against the black hair. Whilst the opposite side of the planter with three faces combined reminds me again of that Queen album cover for the “Miracle”. Once again outstanding….and did the cafe onlookers give you any tips for your performance?

    1. Thank you for the warning not to overdo the healing of my ankle. I didn’t meant to walk that far out, before turning around toward home. Pre-Covid, I would have hopped on public transport when I got tired.
      Of course, I would have missed this art!
      No performance tips! I should carry a tin cup with me from now on! LOL!!!
      Will check out the album covers!

  6. Beautiful insanity, young Resa. ‘I wear a bottle of hand sanitizer around my neck’ a thing that’s never crossed my mind yet should have. I presume said sanitizer necklace had that certain panache? Splendid post, Regards, TOF

    1. I wear my mini bottle of hand sanitizer on a Porsche lanyard. It’s very “shi shi”!
      I’m so slang cool.
      Now, TOF, you really should be wearing hand sanitizer on a lanyard. I don’t know why it hasn’t caught on. However, when it does, I’ll be counting on you to tell the world that Resa started it!

      1. I’m of gypsy stock from long ago according to my DNA results. Methinks, as any true gypsy chap does, I shall wear mine as a single earring displaying my flamboyant confidence of style, young Resa. Regards, TOF

  7. There’s a word you don’t see everyday! πŸ™‚
    It’s a good word and one that captures that feeling of wondering quite where in the world you are or even what time it is…!
    Hope you are feeling a little more at one with the world today.
    Classic tune… πŸ™‚

    1. Yeah, it is a good word. I’m not sure how I feel anymore, as long as the virus is with us!
      Still, I love street art, and that hasn’t changed.
      Thank you for your kind words, and YEAH the song is one of the best grooves, ever!

      1. I think the pandemic has left us all with many questions. Thoughts about our own lives, values, outlook and relationship with others, the planet and political and corporate powers. Questions too about society and justice and kindness. I had hoped that as things begin to settle and the virus becomes more contained that people would face the future with the learning from our common shared experience. Sadly in the UK people seem more intent on resuming there old lives instead of thinking about what needs to change. At the very first opportunity people from the UK are jetting off everywhere and anywhere. Isn’t that how this whole thing started??? I’ve seen plenty of other examples of people thinking selfishly rather than contributing to the greater good. Conversely I have seen great examples of people’s extraordinary kind and generous spirit. I think if we are to re-shape a better future we need a bit more of the latter. We are going through things never seen in our lifetime and it is natural to have questions and to reappraise where we are in the world. Not knowing has to be part of the process. It suggests we are open to the possibility of change in ourselves. It takes time to work through important questions. It can feel unsettling and destabilising. I think the likes of the virus isn’t going away any time soon and it’s something we will all have to adjust to. To deny that is to perpetuate the problems that helped to create and spread the virus in the first place. Feeling at sea with our feelings and sometimes without sight of dry land is testing but perhaps essential in how individually we grow as people and as a society. I think the pandemic has revealed a divide in society just as it has revealed good and bad in people. I find mindful activities like photography really helpful. Also since February I have been doing one drawing a day on a drawing project designed by the artist Ryan Gander. I’m doing it with a friend (in our respective homes obviously) and sharing a creative project is motivational. Here is the link to the art project in case you are interested: https://firstsite.uk/content/uploads/2021/01/Ryan-Ganders-Great-Big-Page-A-Day-Exercise-Book-2021.pdf
        At the start my friend had broken her arm and was forced to draw using her non dominant left hand so I did the same! That added another level of challenge to the drawing project. We don’t look ahead at the themes and just reveal the next one each day. We didn’t print off the pages from the PDF. We just use notebooks, sketch books etc. We also set our own rules. We sometimes have to catch up but neither of us have missed a theme. It’s great to see our works side by side and how we have both approached the same theme in totally different way. It provides a daily point of focus and mindfulness. It’s creative and has generated some great conversations and lots of smiles and that’s something we all need more of at the moment! The themes are very interesting. Some are really obvious and others are incredibly challenging not just in drawing but in contemplation! You may not fancy the drawing project but maybe it will inspire you to share a creative challenge with someone.
        Drawing is not something I do so it was also a bit outside my comfort zone and that too is a good thing.
        Here is Ryan Gander’s Wiki page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ryan_Gander
        Sending best wishes from a rather grey Sheffield, Mr C

  8. Ah, Resa, painful as it was, it was soooo worth it (she says, casually!).
    I love them and how well you captured them! I hope you’re all better now and ready for the next walk! 4 hours is a lot though, for anyone!
    Sending hugs and love
    and slobbery kisses from Hera (she says they are healing slobbery kisses)

    1. Okay, let’s start by mopping up Hera’s love!
      You’d think there would be a mop emoji!
      I’ll be sweating it out on my next walk! Overnight we went from brisk spring to hot fetid summer!
      It’s in the 30’s now, and humid!

      1. Emoji need some serious updating!
        30s sounds okay (our temp here now) what makes it bad is the humidity you mention. I can’t bare that either. Sending you some very pleasant light breeze we’re having! πŸ’¨πŸ€—πŸ₯°β€

        1. I’ll go for a short sweaty walk tomorrow.
          Then Monday it will be in the low 20’s with a breeze, so I will head out for more art. I have some leads! πŸ§‘πŸ’›πŸ§‘πŸ’›πŸ§‘πŸ’›πŸŒŸπŸ’›πŸ§‘πŸ’›πŸ§‘πŸ’›πŸ§‘

          1. Oooohhhh exciting!!!!!!!
            I can’t wait!

  9. Wow–that is a fabulous planter! Thank you for going to all the trouble to photograph it. I hope your ankle is feeling better now with some rest.
    That is so funny about how your put on a show for the coffee shop hipsters. 🀣
    You’ve lived an exciting life!

  10. Resa, I love this. Thanks for sharing. I wonder if people miss what is on the other side. On a different note, my wife and I were humming ‘Low Rider” on a road trip this week and I was going to post about people like us knowing the first words “Low Rider” but not much else in the song. Keith

    1. Hahaha!
      I think the reason many people don’t know the words except for “Low Rider” is that it is a groove more than it is a song! One of the best grooves, ever!


      All my friends know the low rider
      The low rider is a little higher
      Low rider drives a little slower
      Low rider is a real goer
      Low rider knows every street, yeah
      Low rider is the one to meet, yeah
      Low rider don’t use no gas now
      Low rider don’t drive too fast
      Take a little trip, take a little trip
      Take a little trip and see
      Take a little trip, take a little trip
      Take a little trip with me

    1. I was happy to find this art! Yahoo!
      I know, it is dizzying!
      Just saw the email! Very excited about our colab! I will answer some comments that single out my work, and I will reblog!

    1. I wasn’t going o walk so long, but next thing I knew, I just kept walking!
      Yeah, the art is wonderful! Hope all is well, Martha! xo

  11. Discombobulated,….. Love the word… And the art.. and your aching feet for bringing these stunning images…. Happy to have walked with you down this street…. Thank you Resa for sharing…. ❀ Lots of Love.. ❀

      1. Hugs and much love Resa.. ❀ Always a delight to see what new street art you find.. Even if my walks these days are not as frequent… Your presence is always a delight… ❀ ❀ ❀

  12. Discombobulated is a fabulous word but not a fabulous state to find yourself in. This planter art is wowzers and honestly… the other day, I went for a 3.5+ hour walk and was fatigued and I kept thinking of you who said that was your norm! Bloody hell.
    And whaaaaat? You hung out / rode with War!! You are too cool for school…

    1. AGM Dale!
      Fatigued you were, but it’s an honest feeling and leads to feeling GREAT!
      Of course you want to keep a momentum.
      A couple of 45 min. – 1 hour walks a week with one 3 -4 hour walk.
      I’m reaching that point. I’d be good to go 100%, but for the ankle.
      NOW, the heat is kicking in. So, I check advance weather to make sure I plan around cooler days.
      WAR… yeah… lol … we drove around & around. It seems driving around was a cool thing to do back then.I was quite young, but completely into artists, especially musicians. Still am. Married a music man. ⚑️πŸ’₯

      1. It was a great walk, though. Many photos (300! were taken) And yes, momentum is good. I’ve been on a fantabulous roll, doing a run/walk every other day and a plain walk the others.
        Yeah, that heat makes a difference. I was out this morning at 6:45 because no way I was walking to work to have to come back in the humidity…
        You dig on musicians. That’s so very cool that you got yourself hitched to one πŸ™‚

  13. Don’t know why but the double-eye effect makes it look like she’s shaking!! πŸ˜‚
    Gave me a good laugh- plus it’s very beautiful artwork!

  14. Gray Dawster

    You did amazingly well squeezing in between two cats like that, indeed you’re quite the budding contortionist my beautiful friend 😲 but it was definitely worth the effort, especially from the rear photo, I guess not many people could be bothered to look on that side!?

    Four hours walking time seems a little daunting to me but that’s probably because I’ve spent most of the dreaded Covid month’s (now moving into its 2nd year) as a couch potato 😐😁 not my scene at all.

    I love all the photographs you share here, I know, I know, I’ve been out of the building for so long they’re literally scraping off the cobwebs lol but I’m hoping to stick around from now on, and keep visiting you.

    Have a great Tuesday Resa and keep up your most splendid quest.


    Andro x

    1. Thank you, dahling!
      Hey, I’m just starting to move around again. Like you, lockdown has not been great for me. I do believe I have lost my girlish figure! LOL!!! xoxo

      1. Gray Dawster

        You’re joking, once a fine looking girl, always a fine looking girl and hey, curves add an enchanting beauty too you know? 😲😘

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