This mural by the most unique artist, Elicsr, is about 8 blocks from me.

He is saying something about communicating.

There is no business nearby, like a cell phone or computer place. It’s in the parking lot of a gourmet food shoppe.

It’s massive and goes up quite high, so the pics were challenging to take.

There is a person in a wheelchair on the far right.

That person seems alone, isolated… not in communication with the rest. Then again, no one seems in communication with anyone.

Got lucky with some great car/mural reflections.

Pics taken by Resa – July 23, 2021

Toronto, Canada

The artist – It’s signed 2001? but I would know if the mural was there for 21 years. I walk by often.

I’m sure SIGHT did the lettering.

95 thoughts on “Communication

  1. That is a beautiful piece, Sorceress.
    And you’re right. No one seems to be communicating with anyone and the girl in the wheelchair seems so very sad and forlorn.
    Beauty of a mural.

  2. That’s a beautiful mural, dahling. I remember this artist.
    Okay… I may be completely wrong, but it seems to me that everyone is trying to communicate and listen to what the other person feels. This is why most have closed eyes. To me, they are all communicating with eachother, with their minds and hearts.
    Beautifully captured too. As always, I love the reflections!

    1. Elicsr is a memorable artist, and a very popular street artist for over a decade.
      You could be right about it being a silent communication between everyone. That’s a positive way to think of it. I hadn’t caught that.
      I adore the art reflections in cars. Nice thing about this day, all the cars were clean and shiny.
      Of course if you can afford to buy food at this shoppe, you can afford a car wash. LOL.
      Mouah!!! 🧽xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo🧽

    2. I just read a comment that pointed out the “blue pipes” joining everyone. However, the women at either end are not connected to the “blue pipes”. It gains more meaning!

  3. The last picture allows to understand the all . A seeing this mural I got an impression of humane sadness . Is this the artist wanted to tell us?
    Thanks Resa to share with us.
    Love ❤

    1. I’m not sure what the artist is saying. I saw sadness, but it says “Communication”.
      Maybe the sadness is that we don’t communicate.
      It is a very evocative piece of art.
      Thank you, Michel! ❤ xo

  4. Nice one Resa, I dont know may be they have a new way of communication, with these blue pipes joining them, or may be it is my old technical formation playing tricks on me again…but not sure I want a pipe sticking out of my head or plug into some other part of my body, went to look again to make sure…:D

    1. Interesting comment, JMR. Yes..the “Blue pipes”…I had noticed that, but had not noted the fact that they joined heads, which they do. However, The women at either end are not joined. Also, I now see some pinkish pipes joining a few. Good eye and thought! xo

      1. Still it does look a bit weird, would not like to be ‘hooked’ like that…:) and yesterday Maya came out of the isolation, and now she’s very demanding of petting…:D

  5. This artist is just WOW!

    Great art is evocative. THIS is great art, and you captured these images brilliantly.

    Communication . . . it’s gone the way of the Dodo Bird.

    1. I agree. He’s been a mainstay of Toronto street art for well over a decade.
      Thanks for the photography compliment!
      Dodo… where did he go? Can I get one?

      OH! Hardly any of the shows I like got noms. “Winning Time” seems to have gotten only 1 – for Cinematography. I’ll be by to complain later, or manyana! Muah!

      1. He’s brilliant.

        You always provide such great captures, Resa.

        Hmmm, I wonder if Amazon has any for sale?

        Whoa, really? These peeps don’t know . . . they simply do not know!

        1. hahahaha… well even if Amafck does have a Dodo, as I’m boycotting them for going on 7 years, I won’t be able to get one.
          Now I hope the Dodo escapes to freedom.
          It seems like a sweet bird, and has only been extinct since the 1600’s.
          The Monarch Butterfly might be joining Dodo soon.

            1. It is in some countries, and is very close to being put on the list in Canada.
              21 years ago, we moved to where I live now.
              We are a foot bridge away from a beach on Lake Ontario. We are also on a Monarch migratory path. Back then, twice a year there would be CLOUDS of Monarchs doing their thing. I loved watching them. About 10 years ago, the clouds were no more.
              I’m lucky if I see 6 over the season now.
              We planted a Milkweed shrub for them, as that is the place they lay eggs & what the larvae eat.
              We see a few Monarchs at the plant every year, but what is needed in every yard that has 1 Milkweed plant is an acre of Milkweed.
              Of course people consider it to be a weed, so EF the Monarch, pull the damn weed and plant other non weed plants.
              The Monarch Butterfly is the #2 pollinator after the Bee! xo

              1. You create beautiful things, in your art and in your captures of other people’s art and in your quiet moments as well.

                It’s why you rock, Resa. One of the many reasons, I should say.


    1. It is a cool and interesting piece. Many have made intriguing comments that have added to my thoughts, as to what the artist is saying.
      Thank you Dave, it was a challenge to photograph, especially since I use an iPhone 6s.

    1. I know! I adore street art reflected in cars. So many murals are in parking lots. It used to upset me, but then I started making lemonade.
      Now, I only get annoyed when the car(s) are dirty. Nothing like a clean shiny car for reflections!

  6. Hi Resa, very interesting mural once again. Do you think Elicsr is a fan of the movie “Cool Hand Luke”? As I am getting a vibe from the image of “What we’ve got here…….is a failure to communicate” – nobody seems to be talking to each other!

    p.s. and do you know how old Elicsr is? the date of 2001 might refer to the year they were born.

    1. Hello Tyeth,

      Interesting comment. Cool Hand Mural! You always think of something cool handed.

      The artist is in his 30’s, I think. Possibly close to 40. He is definitely not 21.
      Perhaps he thought of the concept in 2001, and only got a chance to execute it last year?

      Anyway, be well and I’ll be seeing your latest build later or tomorrow!

    1. I tend to agree with you. Someone pointed out “Blue pipes” joining their heads. Interesting, but the women at either end are not joined. Somehow this mural just got deeper for me. hugs

    1. I agree!
      Elicsr has been around a long time. I’m aware of well over a decade of his street art. He’s quite popular. I’ve done many posts with his art.
      xoxoxo 🎨🐭🐭🎨

  7. This is so striking and expressive, Resa. Thank you for sharing it. It’s truly one of the best–those faces are so descriptive. They all seem so sad and lonely.
    Your car window reflection makes it even more alienating, adding more urban fragmentation.

    1. Elicsr is an amazing artist. I thought they looked sad and lonely, too. Someone pointed out “Blue pipe” joining heads. I had noticed that, but somehow it did not register that it was joining heads. Then when I looked again, I saw the women on ether side were not joined.
      Anyway I adore street art reflections in cars.
      Love your term “urban fragmentation”. Brings about a lot of thought!
      Thanks Merril!

  8. This beautiful and unique mural is subject to interpretation, I think, Resa. On one hand, I see sadness in many of those faces, but on the other hand, I see concentration, listening deeply. Another amazing artist. 💞

    1. I see both your points.
      Yes, it is a unique mural and an amazing artist!
      I’m reading River Ghosts – poetry by Merril D. Smith.
      I’m doing a poem a day, like I did with your book. Poetry is to be savoured!

  9. This is something I could look at for a long time, wondering why everyone is so deep into their own thoughts. Definitely not communicating. The artist does have a unique style. What’s interesting to me is how easy it is to read the expressions on everyone’s faces. Thanks for sharing this!

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