Alley Bird Beauty

An odd, gorgeous find in the alley.

You can see how beautiful this painting is.

Yes, that’s a heat lamp obstructing a full on shot.

Turns out this bird is under a makeshift …. car port, thing. I figure with the heat lamp, they bring out a table and chairs.

There was no sign saying I couldn’t enter the space, so I just took my pics.

Pics taken by Resa – April 5, 2022

Toronto Canada

The artist is unknown to me.

From this angle, you can see that it is painted on plywood.

110 thoughts on “Alley Bird Beauty

  1. Timothy Price

    That is a wonderful painting of a Heron. The other bird looks a little like a King Fisher. I think you are right about bringing out a table to sit under the heater.

  2. beautiful Resa. You were brave just to walk into that carport and take your shots. I’m glad you were. Too bad you couldn’t have met the owners and suggested a little get-together with a table and chairs and snacks.

    1. Brave? Mmm nervy would be more like it. I just HAD to get pics. It’s so gorgeous. I spotted it half an alley away with a side glance. Lol…I’d be too afraid to take my mask off to eat with strangers.
      I’ve climbed fire escapes, rolled under electric wires, squeezed through mesh gates, climbed onto the odd roof… you know general mural gathering stuff.

      One time there was this sweet piece on a rooftop. There was no way to climb up. There was a store under. I would have asked them for access, but they were closed.

      Across the alley there was a second story deck. I noticed the house the deck was attached to was for sale. There was an open house, starting at 1:00. It was only 11:30. I waited until 1, and attended the open house.
      I made a big deal about the deck and pretended I JUST saw that mural. Got all the shots I needed, took his card and ne’er the twain met, again!

    1. Had to have this in my collection! I’m 100 posts away from 1500. Boogapony will be hosting the celebration. I can hardly wait!!!!

  3. Resa, this is perhaps the most elegant wall art I’ve seen! Such a lovely and ephemeral mural of this gorgeous bird. I adore the rich colors and delicate beauty. Wonderful find and photographs dear Meece. Breathtaking work.

    1. Dahling Holly Meece!

      I just love this. I had to have it in my collection! I heard it whisper to me, before I saw it. You’re right! It is breathtaking.

      100 more posts, and it will be my 1500 post celebration, hosted by Boogapony. I need to do more reblogs…. hurry it up!

  4. I love this one, nice colors, and good to you to venture in the backyard, I guess if the painting is outside, the person who put it there was willing to share, I suppose..will read your comments on my last ones, some catchup to do…:D

  5. Wow, I thought the “Pterodactyl: Blue Heron” images were impressive from your post of January 12th, but the black background just makes this image jump out at you. No wonder you saw it even out the corner of your gaze. Love it.

    And on a side note, I read that PDF you sent me and it was a great read. The hairstyles Ewan McGregor had to endure in The Phantom Menace film were quite a source of amusement to fans – we would play “Spot the Wig” every time the scene changed!

    1. Agree, this is a sweet painting!

      I love the hair do’s and hair don’ts part.
      He did explain that when reshoots happened, he was on another film, so they couldn’t cut his hair. He hated that wig!!!
      Reshoots, even pick-ups or inserts can be dicey.
      We had this insert shot to do, years ago. A woman dies at sea, and her body is washed up on a beach. In the story there is a special wedding ring, on her wedding finger. The pick up was a close-up shot of her hand on the sand with the ring on. They didn’t want to pay the actor, so they got a hand double. I had to dress the double in the ring & continuity top, so if some of the wrist showed, it would match.
      The double showed up, got dressed, and I went to put the ring on her finger. The finger was missing. She had lost the exact finger we needed, years before.
      Needless to say, the shot did not happen that day.

      1. Wow that’s probably the most extreme reason for not getting a shot I’ve heard of. Then again I have heard dead bodies can be difficult to work with in films.!

    1. Thank you, Dave!
      One of the beauties of very urban life in Toronto is the amount of street art.
      It’s like an outdoor gallery. I love it! So many artists, and somewhere to share their talent.

        1. Walk!
          Sometimes I’ll take public transport to another end/side of the city and wander around there. However, since the annoying virus, I have largely eschewed public transport.

          1. Walk is the best source. And I understand about Eschewing” public transport. Though I just watched election night in France. Nobodoy was wearing a mask… 😷 Tsss.

  6. What a beautiful heron, Sorceress! Good on you for going in and getting these great pics!
    I bet the owner would have been thrilled (and would have moved the heat lamp, to boot!)

    1. I like the colour palate, as well. It feels organic.
      I’ve maybe seen a real heron a couple of times in real life. They are quite regal. I do love birds!

    1. Thank you, Roberta! Art is such a wonderful addition to our homes and lives. I’m so happy for you.
      Oddly, I’m fortunate to have too much, with no place to hang a lot of it.
      Both of Norm’s parents were artists, and when they passed left us with an embarrassment of riches.
      It’s a blessing of embarrassments!

      1. I meant to mention that during our recent getaway to the lion and cheetah sanctuary and research centre, I took a lot of pictures of the metal artworks they had on display. I thought of your posts and thought I would share these even though they are not public artworks.

        1. If they are outdoors, I believe you can share. As long as you aren’t charging $$$ to see them, or making a commercial endeavour from them…IE the pics you took on t-shirts, or selling prints.
          Anyway, I for one would love to see them.
          If you do post them, please let me know via a comment on my blog if I haven’t seen them already.

  7. nice one


    1. Thank you, Graham!

      I dig your emojis. Most people think inside the box. Many try to think outside the box.
      You are unique. You just think boxes! Well done!

      1. And thank you, Resa! Your kind words are much appreciated. BTDubz, the inspiration behind my monochrome ‘boxes’ was a linear interpretation of the yin yang interplay of opposing but complementary forces to be found everywhere ☯

    1. A feathery heron, it is. Apparently!
      It’s always interesting in the alleys. There’s not just alley art, there are slices of lives!
      Thank you, Merril!

  8. Hiya Resa. So glad you strolled on in and took that shot. Good for us! It’s most beautiful and striking. The heat lamp doesn’t distract actually, maybe it’s the reflections?
    Keep well, Ford x😎x

    1. Ford, it is beautiful and striking! Lol, yeah, the heat lamp. Such is the way of street art. Parking signs, trees, garbage bins, heat lamps!
      You keep well too!!

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